Friendship breakup: Why it happens and how to avoid it

Quarantine has forced us (hopefully) to take a look at what’s important in our lives. We were forced to get very honest about what is and what isn’t working. On the downside, relationships of all forms have been tested through this period of lockdown. Which brings me to today’s topic of friendship breakups.

One thing to note is that breaking up with a friend is just as serious as ending a romantic relationship. As the depressing cliché goes: Nothing things last forever—which is why friendship breakups sometimes happen. However, there are ways to avoid this from happening and I have tackled this in the video below. Many times we have come across videos on how to be an amazing girlfriend, wife, parent etc but there are very few videos on how to be a friend. Somehow, we are expected to just know it all. Nonetheless, I have shared what I know from my experience from what has worked and what didn’t.


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