Ever feel like the moment you feel like you understand current algorithms on Instagram, before you know it, things change so fast? You are not alone. So today I will be sharing with you the latest changes announced at the recent Facebook Developer Conference, F8.

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Coming soon to Instagram: a brand new Instagram Stories camera, creator profiles, and donation stickers for Instagram Stories and many more. But the biggest Instagram update in 2019 isn’t adding anything new — in fact, it’s removing one of the most intrinsic values of the app: likes. Plus, influencers will now be able to tag a brand’s product on their posts, and this summer anyone will be able to design and create their own face filters for Instagram. Now, this already looks like a lot to take it so I have broken it down for you below.

Feature #1 Creator Profiles

Currently, we have an option to either have a business account or a general account. However, we will soon have a third option. Creator profiles will get access to more detailed insight but one difference is creator profiles will also get access to Creator Studio on the desktop with a wider range of analytics info.⁣

Another useful tool in the Creator Profile is that creators will also have access to follow/unfollow data, which will make it easier than ever for influencers to see exactly what content is resonating (or isn’t) with their followers!

I for one will jump onto the opportunity to explore what is on offer. Will you be switching to Creator Profile?

Feature #2 Hidden like counts

Instagram is “officially“ testing hiding the number of likes on posts. The new feature is part of Facebook’s goal of making social media a less “pressurized environment.” The total number of likes will be hidden on your posts but if you’d like to see them, you can ask for it.⁣ This a debatable feature because many influencers heavily rely on likes. For sure, this will be a game changer.

Feature #3 Create your own Instagram stories filter

If you’ve already jumped headfirst into the AR (“artificial reality”) craze on Instagram, you’ll be happy to know that soon anyone will be able to create their own Instagram Stories filters! Asides being a lot of fun to work on, brands can also find creative ways to use this feature as Kylie did with her filter that lets people try on her lip kit. ⁣

Feature #4 Buy products directly from our favourite influencers

A feature that lets you buy a product directly from an influencer without having to leave the app is in the works. Just tag articles of clothing and followers can click on it and buy immediately.⁣

Starting next week, Instagram is testing a new dedicated shopping tag that will let any influencer, artist, or celebrity tag an article of clothing they’re wearing so followers can buy that item without ever leaving the Instagram app!

Feature #5 Away mode

In a bid to combat bullying on the platform, this was created. How it works: if Instagram notices that a user is about to leave a negative comment, the app will “nudge” that user, giving them a warning before they’re able to post. This feature would also give users a chance to step away from Instagram activity and notifications temporarily, without having to delete their account.

Feature #6 Donation Sticker

This will allow people to raise money right within the Instagram app (through stories). You simply upload a picture and add the donation sticker to your story! You can swipe up (after the story has been published) to view how much has been donated. ⁣

Feature #7 A new camera for Instagram stories

A new camera mode called “create mode” and also a revamped camera design That will let users create stories without having to upload a photo or video first and also include a semi-circular mode switcher that makes it easier to find the tools you need! ⁣

And that’s it for Instagram updates from F8! Which of these features are you looking forward to the most? Share your response in the comments below.


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