Having a hashstag strategy for instagram is a no brainer in 2019. Do you use hashtags when you publish your posts on Instagram? They can help a lot with your engagement! However, many Instagrammers feel a little bit confused when they have to caption their posts with hashtags. Can you relate? Would you like to learn the ultimate hashtag strategy for Instagram? Let me spill the tea!


Unless you are a celebrity with millions of subscribers, you certainly need to be using hashtags on your posts. Why? Hashtags is an equivalent to SEO on google. It enables unique visitors to come across your content, which would consequently lead to an increase in followers if they like your page.

Instagram, allows you to use 30 hashtags in total. Its entirely up to you to either include 30 or just choose a few good ones.


The hashtags you choose should be relevant to your niche. For example, my niche is fashion, therefore I tend to use style related hashtags such as #ootd or #wiwt. To find what hashtags are relevant for your niche, you can type in a keyword on the search tab instagram and it will give you ideas of what sort of Hashtags to use.

DON’Ts – If you have a following between 1K – 50K using viral hashtags is a no no because the chances are, the bigger accounts will be dominating the tag. Making it more competitive for one to even get seen on the explore page using the viral hashtag. An example is outfit the day or blackgirlmagic – for my niche, these are highly competitive hashtags and I don’t bother using them.

Basically anything hashtag with around a million posts is not a good hashtag to use. Examples: #fashion #ootd #fashionblogger #wiwt #lookbook #style


DO – Try looking for medium hashtags with less than a million posts, because they are easier for your posts to be featured and trend for longer in the top 10. In my case, these hashtags help me to find new accounts to follow.

Examples: #fashionbloggerstyle #ootdblogger#fashionshare #bloggeroutfit #whatIamwearing #fashionforward #fashionkillers #stylefashion

Narrow hashtags are hashtags with less than 50K posts, sometimes even around 1,000 posts! They help me to build my tribe and create my own, small community!
Examples: #Leedsblogger #fashionbloggeryork #fashionblogger_uk #fashionbloggerlife

Now, here’s the trick: I mix the hashtags with different strengths! Popular ones give me a couple of likes and comments at the beginning, while medium to very narrow hashtags give me more likes and comments in the long run! Look at the examples above – together they create a perfect mix of 30 hashtags!

One last thing. It’s important to make sure you are mixing up your hashtags and not always using the same thirty on each post. I usually organize my hashtags in groups of five or ten, and then I can just grab a combine different groups together to get a nice mixture. Plus, I try to add in a few that are super specific to just that picture (like location).

Okay, so now you have the recipe for creating your 30 hashtags to get your content out there. The next thing you want is to engage with other people. The ultimate guide to icreasing your engagement rate is designed to give you the easy steps to increase your engagement and as a result increasing your followers.

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Have any of these tips surprised you? Have you got any hashtag strategy in place and what has worked for you? Tell me in the comments.

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