How to Hashtag on Instagram

If you watch or Listen to Gary Vee, you will know that he constantly emphasises on how to harness the power of social media by adding value. Adding value is the eternal golden motto of blogging and influencing. And it’s true – adding value is THE ONLY way to make it (and also, it’s one of the best things ever, in my opinion).

How to Hashtag on Instagram

What does adding value really mean?

The value, in this case, will differ for different niches. For example, a food blogger might add value by creating ebooks for quick and easy recipes or a fashion blogger could offer exclusive tips to their audience. You as a blogger need to know what you want to offer your readers on the blog. For those of you that blog specifically on Instagram, the same applies. You need to add value to your audience. This will encourage engagement and more people will follow you because there is a value you add to their lives.

What is the value of blogging in 2019?

When I started this blog, I also began to pay more attention to and put into words what I find valuable in others’ content.

Why I follow the bloggers I read, what makes me come back again and again, what makes me excited about a new post, or what makes me unfollow.

It’s a good starting point to get a grip on what value means to you.

First Impressions Matter – But Do Not Keep Me Around
I think every blogger needs to be aware of the levels where attention is grabbed.

It definitely starts with the first impression.

The online space is incredibly saturated and people’s attention span has significantly reduced. Just think about how many blogs, websites, Instagram pages, tweets, comments you come across in just one day.

First impressions can be based on a lot of things

  • Aesthetic
  • Photos
  • Style
  • Website design
  • Branding
  • Writing style
  • Fashion style

The list can go on and on. It’s, of course, largely a matter of personal interests and taste, but I think a strong aesthetic and style are essential success factors. Don’t be afraid to stand out and make a statement – not everyone will get or like it, but at least you make an impression.

Now you made it through the first round. You have the attention – but for how long you’ll keep that attention depends entirely on whether they get any value from you.

How to add Value to your audience

The Golden Trio – Educate, Inspire, Entertain

In order to add value to your audience, you can either educate, Inspire/motivate or entertain.
Let’s try to break them down one by one.


By educate, I mean find a topic or something you are knowledgeable about. Maybe, you recently bought a house – you can then educate your audience on how to go about saving up for a house and the necessary steps they taken when buying a house, talking from your own experience of course like the Sanyas do. It simply means offering valuable information about a specific topic, challenge or issue to your audience.

Writing truly valuable educational content is definitely a winning strategy – the more help you provide, the more your audience will trust you and you’ll become a go-to source for them.

Most importantly, identifying problems the readers may have and offering solutions. If you provide solutions, people will stick around.

Inspire And Motivate

My favorite bloggers are the ones who inspire and/or motivate me with their content. When I go to their page, I know I will always have a take away from whatever it is that they share. And this is probably the most powerful and strong relationship there ever can be between a content creator and the audience.

When you’ve reached the point where you can stir emotions, energize, motivate, and influence people towards certain actions, you know you’ve really connected with them.

Inspiring content doesn’t necessarily have special content forms like educational content often does. The value is in the effect and style.


Inspiration can be in various forms. For example, for business and entrepreneurial tips, my top IG page for this is Gary Vee, but I also follow people that curate amazing interior photos such as Ivy’s Luxury Home or amazing food @Telande. Or because they have a great fashion sense. Sometimes, I simply love the fun things they do in life which make me want to be more adventurous too.

You can inspire with your words. Your style. Your thoughts. Your ways. Your pictures. Your design. Your talent. Your stories. Your failures.

This last one is very important as well. I really respect and appreciate if someone is going all out and is not afraid to talk about their experiences and failures. That just makes the blogger so much more real in a way and I think more and more people are starting the crave that realness.

I also get a lot of feedback from readers saying that they really like that I often talk about the various parts of my journey, the good AND the bad.

Don’t be afraid to tell your story.


So far, I think the value part of content was pretty straightforward and quite obvious.

Teaching something, sharing information, providing inspiration, or motivating people are the very definitions of adding value in the most objective sense.

But, what about the trending YouTube sensations? The Kardashians? Vlogs? Memes?

Do they add value as well?

I have to say, yes, they do. Maybe not value in the conventional sense, but value nonetheless. And actually one of the most important and sticky values ever: entertainment.

Sometimes we do not need teaching, inspiration, or motivation. We only want to be entertained without any added objective values. And that’s perfectly OK.

Please share your own take: what does valuable content mean to you?

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