Marie Kondo is currently almost everyone’s inspiration – due to her recent show on NETFLIX with the first episode of Marie Kondo’s ‘Tidying Up’ sees a couple take on the mammoth task of decluttering their entire house. It’s an exhausting exercise – especially with two young children – but in the end, they succeed and live happily ever after. This sparked an idea in me about digital declutter.

By now most of us have come up with spanking new resolutions to kick start the new year. We are full of energy and expectant of what the year 2019 has in store. I am not one to traditionally set resolutions but I have set some smart goals which I refrain from disclosing because that just calls for unnecessary pressure in my point of view.

With the excitement of goal setting and making new resolutions, it dawned on me that just as we are start a new leaf, its also important to do some spring cleaning via social media declutter. Its time to declutter your social media life.

Why You should do a digital Declutter?

A digital declutter involves; getting rid of the countless WhatsApp groups that are taking up most of your memory on your phone. There are some group chats that have served their purpose so these could be gotten rid of. Clearing out old emails is another way one can declutter. On social media, unfollowing accounts that you are no longer inspired by , sprucing up your own profile too by getting rid of some ancient pictures which are not in line with your brand. The goal is to free up your physical and mental space.  To cut out the noise. To redirect your attention. To become more focused and intentional with how you spend your online time.



Probably the most crucial step, even if it’s awkward/painful. For example, content you’re not enjoying anymore. Get rid of it. Too negative or even toxic people? Hit unfollow. This way, you can free up (the otherwise very limited) capacities for things and people you really enjoy, value, and would like to follow and support.

Go over your Facebook friends list (There will be at least a 100 people that you will not even remember how you connected in the first place). If you don’t want to be too drastic or hurt someone’s feelings? At least mute them (they won’t notice it).


Refresh your profile pictures, make the most of your bio (the social media equivalent of a first impression), delete the boards you’re not using on Pinterest, update your LinkedIn profile – refresh, clear, clean, and tidy up.


Ok, venturing into email territory here, but I just cannot leave this one out. Out of all the newsletters and brand emails I get, I think 10% has some value for me. The rest of them are digital clutter that just overflow my inbox and cause anxiety. To be honest, half of them I don’t even remember subscribing to. Be selective and only keep the ones that are helping you grow.

Once you have done the above, its time to connect


Rather than just being someone that consumes, try to connect with others. Being a blogger, this is something that I regularly try to do. You might not be a blogger or influencer but that doesn’t mean that you can not connect with your audience. Connect with likeminded people from all over the world.

Do not just stand passively and wait for people to consume your content. Tweet, DM, share, shout out, retweet, mention, comment, engage, and reach out. Shut out the noise and focus on building meaningful connections.

I hope this post has been helpful. If you have any questions about decluttering or getting organised, let me know in the comments below.

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