3 Relatable Lessons Learnt From YouTuber – Patricia Bright’s Success


First Quarter of 2018 has been really good so far. With the likes of Black Panther and Patricia Bright’s magazine cover feature in GLAMOUR. It is definitely a proud moment for people of colour. Patricia’s rise to fame is truly an inspiration to me because I am a blogger trying to make it in the ever-saturated creative industry. The You-tube star not only sets a great example for women plying in her steps; as a mother of one, she’s also an inspiration for mom-preneurs across the globe owing to the testament that you can achieve whatever you set your heart to do as long as you’re focused.



Here are three life lessons Learned from Patricia’s Rise to Fame.


Life has a funny way of proving us wrong. Patricia started her Youtube journey about 7 years ago and at 31 she has skyrocketed her success in her career as a Youtuber. This gives me so much hope because many are the times I have contemplated giving up my blogging. In fact, I did give up in the beginning. But somehow I gravitated back to my passion which is content creation. There is a saying that says Practice makes perfect. This is totally right, especially in the creative industry. The more you create, the better you become at your craft. Had Patricia stopped along the way, she would not be where she is at now. So this should be a constant reminder to the rest of us in this field. No matter how saturated the blogging or youtube world can be, there is always something unique one can bring to the table. The most important thing is having a strategy to see you through to success. It might not be exactly how Patricia made it, but as a content creator, we all have a different outlook on things so why not get back to the drawing board and restrategizing your route to success and of course BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.


Patricia initially started her career in investment banking and completely left that to do what she loved the most which include creating videos on Youtube. I am currently in my final year and just a few months from now I will be completely done with studies and I am here thinking what is my next career step. Its such a big decision but hey the last thing I would want is to be in a career that I have no passion for whatsoever. But then again there this thing about maybe making the move to London will be better for me in terms of blogging but then again how does one move to London with no money at all? These are real questions one has to ask themselves. Going for what you love in life is definitely one of my mottos. For now, I will take a step at a time and just plan adequately, focusing on producing top quality content and am sure God will open doors because he alone knows my hearts desires and what makes me come alive. So definitely do what you love and opportunities will come along.


Let’s be real guys – Blogging, just like Youtube, ain’t a walk in the park. It can get hard sometimes. You will encounter challenges and you will feel like giving up. There have been times when I felt exhausted running this hobby now turned business. In fact, when I sometimes see how other bloggers are like making it big so fast, it can be demotivating. But then I humbly remind myself of my own accomplishments which are things to be proud of. I might not get front row seats at Fashion week but the fact that I motivated a couple of my followers and brightened their day- ultimately gives me purpose which is a bigger achievement in my eyes.

There were times I felt stuck in neutral and didn’t feel like the blog was growing or going anywhere, or even worth doing anymore. I’ve faced financial challenges and creative challenges. But instead of quitting, I would take a step back whenever I felt burned out. It’s always okay to take a break, refresh your mind and reset your goals if you need to. And then get back to work! Just remember, for Patricia to get to where she is at now, she never gave up.

All in all, blogging has been a fun ride. If and when the time comes that I want to end it, I will have no regrets. I’ve learned a ton while doing what I love!

What are some life lessons from Patricia’s Rise to fame that you think can apply to business and other areas of your life?



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