Growing up, I had the worst acne prone skin. I literally was covered in pimples all year round not just around that time of the month and I remember avoiding looking at myself in a mirror simply because I hated the sight of the pimple infested face. Fast forward to present, I never take my skin for granted now that it has got a natural glow and healthy looking though I do have odd occasions when it just doesn’t feel as soft. Usually, winter time, I constantly must ensure that its moisturised. Considering I have combination skin, I would think my oils would cover me but that’s not the case. My oily T-zone only shows off when I wear makeup. How annoying?

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On days when I don’t wear makeup which is 80% of the time, I love to take care of my skin. So, when the lovely team from Influenster sent me a voxbox from demarlogica I was excited to try it out. I have been using La Roche posay for over three years now, so I was not sure how my skin would react to a new babe in town. I received this skin kit just before Christmas and I have been religiously using it. Its basically a  4 step process which includes

  1. Dermalogica’s brand new PreCleanse Balm which is perfect for removing makeup. It literally melts away the makeup. Like seriously it works wonders.
  2. Special Cleansing Gel – Which is soap-free and PH balanced. Whatever cleanser you use make sure its soap free.
  3. Daily Superfoliant – A charcoal based powder exfoliant designed to give you your smoothest skin, ever.
  4. Skin Smoothing Cream – Dermalogica’s #1 best-selling moisturiser

The first day I tried it, ensuring I followed each step, I felt like the superfoliant left my skin a little irritated. However, it does mention on the packeging that, its likely that on first use the skin might feel a little unusual. So, I skipped that part till my irritation went down. Thereafter I used the entire kit daily.

Favourite Product From the Kit

My favourite product in this kit is the daily superfoliant. It is quite new in my routine but already proving itself! The dermalogica superfoliant is an amazing skin resurfacer with a unique formula. Thanks to paraben, artificial fragrances/dyes free formula, it’s super gentle on the inflamed and enraged skin. It’s also aimed at combination skin and helps balance the moisture which means no Pore clogging ingredients. One for the books!

Not only does it help with the texture of skin, but it is also a great anti-ageing product. Did you know that air pollution has been linked to premature skin ageing? This product helps combat the biochemical and environmental triggers that are known to accelerate skin ageing by deep cleansing the pores and removing pollutants.

The product itself is quite cool to use. It comes in a powder form that quickly turns into a creamy paste once you rub it in between wet hands. You only need to use a small amount and its gentle enough to use daily. I love how smooth it leaves my skin. Then after I use the smoothing cream.

Have you tried out Dermalogica products? If not, what is your favourite skin care product?

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