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If you follow me across all my social media platforms, you will recognise the fact that I believe in women empowering each other especially in the African community in diaspora. However, I feel it is still an area that could do with improving on further especially in the blogging community. I don’t know whether it is just me but its either you are in a clique or you are just doing your own thing and can’t be bothered with other bloggers. I actually have a series on Wednesday, along with the theme #WCW where I share with my audience at least five bloggers/females that inspire me. Simple things like that make a huge difference because it strengthens friendships and honestly it is motivating to be acknowledged for the good work one puts in and what better feeling than to share that love with my audience.

Manchester Fashion bloggers



Photo Credits: Eli

Which brings me to today’s post – A collaboration with my fellow fashion blogger, Chichi. This collaboration has been a long time coming and honestly, I have no excuse for the delay because Chichi and I have been talking about this since last year, but we just never had a change to execute it till now. Mind you, I am always with her almost every other week. Anyway, that’s a story for another day…


Working with someone on a shared project, finding that sweet spot between your idea and theirs, sharing skills and ideas without expecting anything in return. It’s the place where your powers combine and something unexpected happens, something that neither of you would have hatched on your own.

In my blogging career, the most magical moments have pretty much always come about when something I did + something someone else did = something super special. Combining synergies is more fruitful in my opinion.
Competition on the other hand is not what motivates me in my blogging. Don’t get me wrong, some level of competition is healthy, if you look at it as benchmarking or to help you measure your skills, mission and growth. However, if solely focus on competing with your peers, you find that it will only drain you and you end up in frustration because you are not channelling that energy into bettering your blog or business all you are focusing on is being better than the other blogger/business.

Another way to look at is competing with yourself. Try to be better than the person you were yesterday. To improve yourself and enrich your life. Remember your goal should be to run your own race. Compete with no one but yourself because this is your journey. If you continuously compete with others, you become bitter but if you continuously compete with yourself, you become better.


Chichi and I have our own unique styles and even though it might look like we coordinated on what to wear for the shoot, we were shocked to find that we both had some element of fur and stripes. On the day of the shoot, I left the house early for an appointment at the beauty bar, so I only got to meet up with Chichi minutes before the shoot. To our surprise were both wearing striped tops.

Hope this post has inspired you in some way. You will be seeing more collaborations this year so keep an eye on that. Be sure to check out more of our shoot on chichi’s blog as well. Thank you for your time.

What is your take on collaborations within the African Blogging Community? Have you collaborated with any blogger recently?

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