4 Ways to Up Your Insta Stories

Statistically speaking, most people are on Instagram more than any other social media platforms. So, its best to harness the popularity of the app and use to it grow your audience as a blogger. I must say I definitely try to utilize Instagram stories more than snap-chat. Reason being, I have more followers on my instagram so it would be more beneficial for my stats if I share more about Stephy on Instagram.


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Which brings me to today’s tips. There are a few things to consider if you are looking at using your Instagram stories to grow your audience or to promote engagement with your viewers.

  1. What do you share on Instagram?

Well what you share really matters. Being a blogger, I believe in sharing another side to you through Instagram – I mean Instagram is like your life line so you need to capitalize on it. Back to the question at hand, I have created a cooking segment on my Instagram stories. This helps me to make my viewers have something to look forward to watching as well as learning how to make a few of my favorite dishes( Fried rice being the most popular). I have a set day when I share my cooking stories, that way my viewers know when to tune in. On any other day I share some makeup tips for the beauty segment and occasionally share stories when I am out and about. Basically, you need to work out what will be beneficial to your viewers in order for you to provide quality stories. Sharing a a video of you your shoes or a cute building would be cute but 99% of the time people will skip through if they feel like they don’t see any value in the content being shared. Valuable content examples could be, you sharing your latest facial scrub and letting people know how awesome the product is. If voucher codes are available, why not share that in the stories. This will increase engagement. The secret is mastering a balance between personal and value.

ps. If you are feeling not so creative maybe think of sharing your weekly/monthly favorite blogger. I find that sharing the love and  giving shout outs to fellow bloggers draws more people to your page because it shows that you are not only interested in yourself alone.

2. Adapting to the medium of Instagram stories

Take for instance watching 5 snaps of someone talking about the same thing – What do most of us do? We click next next? So, putting your audience in mind before sharing anything will help you a lot. Ask yourself whether you will be able to capture the attention of viewers with whatever you are sharing on your Instagram story.

3. Blog Promotions

Instagram stories is widely used to push blog content by adding links, encouraging viewers to swipe up or click on the tagged links. There is nothing wrong with one doing this, however, there needs to be a balance. You can’t always ask people to click and swipe up. The whole point of Instagram stories if for viewers to know you behind the blog especially if you don’t have a YouTube channel. Strike a balance between post promotions and other valuable clips on your stories.

4.Brand your instagram

Branding is essential for any blogger who wants to take up blogging seriously. There are no barriers to entry in the blogging industry and with influencer marketing trending, its best to distinguish yourself from other bloggers. Just remember it needs to be natural, don’t force thing. Like I mentioned in point 1, I have created a cooking segment and called it ‘Stephy’s Cooking Segment’. To add on to that, I have a little cover that I created using canva, to add to my story just before I commence my cooking. This lets my audience know that I am committed to your Instagram.


Before I conclude today’s post, I wanted to address my outfit of the day – SUITED UP. Most of of you by now know how much I love a pop of colour so when the lovely team from Stradivarius sent me this lovely two piece suit, I couldn’t wait to style it. Its perfect for a back to school/college/uni look. In fact if your work place is not so rigid this could be a good piece to incorporate into your smart wardrobe.


Have a Fantastic Week.

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