Hey everyone! I just realised that its been a year now since the relaunch of my blog and I was just going through my old posts, appreciating the progress I have made.

It has taken me nearly 5 years to really hone in on the aesthetic of my blog, the direction and topics I want to discuss, and most importantly, grow a community. To some, these things might just come naturally, and if you’re one of those people, consider yourself very lucky. In the blogging world there are certain milestones you must reach–stats, followers, quality content, brand collaborations, the list goes on–if you’re trying to grow it as a business that actually makes money. That may sound bold, but it’s the truth.








 Images By Farai

Heels/JustFab, Jeans/H&M,Bag/(Stole it from My sister lol), High-low shirt dress/Misspap


The blogging world is an ever growing community and as years have gone by, I have learnt plenty new tricks on how to be a better blogger. Youtube, is a good place to learn new tricks.I am constantly learning, therefore for any beginners out there, you need to have the interest in learning. In some cases you have to teach yourself or take online courses especially if you are taking up blogging as a business.With the vast amount of knowledge out there, it can be overwhelming having so much info but not knowing how to utilise it without having some sort of direction. So I thought I might share 5 simple tips on starting your own fashion blog:

1. Know Your Audience

Your audience is the life line of your blog. It determines how successful your blog will be. Therefore it is worth taking time to identify your target audience. By doing so, you would be able to tailor your posts to suit their taste. Observe and identify which posts get the most views and comments. Listening to your audience will help you produce content that they will enjoy reading and potentially share. You can also use google analytics to further see were your readers come from. This will enable you to understand them better.

2. Quality of Pics Matter

In this day and age, visuals matter. Most people have a short attention span. Therefore, in order to capture readers attention, it helps if your pictures are clear and big. Like the old saying goes “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Readers are looking for visual, shareable content. Brands are also more likely to get in touch with you if they see the quality of content you produce and be rest assured people will keep coming back to your site simply because they want to see more of your fantastic work.

3. Be Authentic

Being authentic is key in blogging because this sets you apart from every other blogger. Now a lot of bloggers struggle with this, especially in the early days. Instead of replicating an idea you saw on another blog, think of how you could incorporate your personal touch to it. Lets face it, sometimes we all need a little bit of inspiration from others. However, add your own touch to an idea. Your readers will appreciate your originality, look up to you as a resource and your content will stand a higher chance of being shared.

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4.Make the Most of Social Media

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Don’t be shy. Push out your content on your social channels to help increase traffic and awareness.  When I started, I hardly shared my new posts on social media, talk less of even letting people know that I was a fashion blogger. Now I use Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to push out my content.  Snapchat is also a good option. It can be overwhelming to keep all your social media sites up to date. Quick tip is to maybe focus on two avenues in the beginning.

5. Network

I have found that connecting with fellow bloggers in your niche helps you grow. Networking is an important aspect of blogging. Its also great to attend networking events if you can. Thats how you get to meet new people and make new connections.By building relationships, you will increase your skill set and gain access to new audiences.

Do you have a blog? Share your blogging tips with me in your comments below.



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