Box Braids Hairstyle

When it comes to my hair, I literally switch up constantly because I easily get bored of the same look and the other reason is simply that I can. I feel my twenties are the years I can explore with different looks.

Box braids are the quintessential hairstyle for women who need versatility.¬†Famous people like Solange and Keke Palmer have been rocking the look too. It’s clear to see that braids are popular in the black community.



Personally, I love the fact that braids are low maintenance. I don’t have to worry about curling or straightening my hair when I have braids in, I can wear them up or down depending on the look I am going for. I also love bold looks as seen in my choice of curly big hair and boxy braids.

Box braids are a good protective Hairstyle too. I am not a naturalist but I make sure my relaxed hair is healthy so I like to take a break from chemicals and heat. Let your hair breathe mama. A little tip I will share with you is: if you are going to go for this hairstyle trim your ends just before you get the braids done. I was amazed at the growth of my hair a couple of months after I took my previous braids out. Amazing if you ask me!

So if you are not yet convinced that this is the IT LOOK, hope these pictures win you over. I recently got them done so I prefer to wear them down but I will be sharing more looks on the blog. I used  6 packs of expression kenakoline hair to achieve this look.

Ever had box braids Hairstyle? What type of braids do you go for?

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