When it comes to handbags I normally play it safe by picking a black one . Mainly because black goes with literally anything. But come on , wouldn’t it be nice to have some pop of colour (Farai actually made me think twice about getting bags in different colours other than black ).In as much as I would like that , I think it really depends on what sort of colour handbag it is. Which brings me to my latest edition to my collection. I went for red mainly because its oozes confidence and pizazz. 

Ruffled Sleeves Top/Zara (Similar), Bag/TK Maxx, Shoes/JUSTFAB

Red hues seem to always stand out. It gives that sexy feel, pops out just right and when you find the right one, classy is the result! However, some reds stand out better than others and those are the red hues I am currently loving. I instantly pictured several outfits that could go with this red bag. It takes a simple minimal look to the next level just by adding a pop of colour .

The other reason I went for this one in particular is because it reminds me of the YSL version . Granted , most designer bags like YSL are expensive but they are worth an investment I reckon. Sadly that bag is way beyond my budget so finding something close to it will do just fine . 

Things to look out for when purchasing a new handbag : 


When it comes to choosing a bag, there are two things you must think about – function and fashion, and always in that order. Function must be by far your primary concern, as without it there would be no point in having a bag at all. But it must also look the part and work for almost every occasion. 


Get a bag relative to your size . If you are petite , don’t go for a bag you would fit in , instead look for something small – medium. If you Tall and slim, having a tiny bag would make you appear larger therefore you are better off with midsize, large and oversized styles.

Medium size is perfect for an everyday bag . Most of us ladies we carry all sorts in our bags from makeup bags , hair brush , antiperspirant etc. So it’s best to get a bag that will enable you to fit all that .


The exterior should be sleek and try not to go for those bags that look dead cheap because 99% of the time that bag won’t last long . So quality and appearance should be something to look out for . 

“So there you have it. I hope these tips help you buy the perfect handbag this spring. What’s your current go to handbag?”

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