Spring is upon us and I love the fact that I get to spruce up my wardrobe. Being of African heritage, I take pride in rocking African print clothing. I am on the hunt for some upcoming African designers to collaborate with so if you have any in mind, kindly let me know. I was lucky enough to have this gorgeous skirt gifted to me some time last year( previous post) from M.A.DKollection. The designer , Ifiok is of Nigerian decent and her designs have a youthful vibrant feel to them. Do check out her ETSY store for a variety of pieces to pick from.


Finally a splash of colour in my wardrobe. Its fair to say, we are now in spring and we can start injecting colour to our daily looks. There is just something about bright bold colours that makes me want to twirl around the streets (ok maybe just a little -Don’t judge me). 

AFRICAN PRINT is one of my favorite prints of all time. I just love how cool and unique African print clothing can be and the print brings out such a contagiously vibrant energy. Now when it comes to styling African print , it can be a little tricky but I have a few tips that you might want to try out:

1. LET THE PRINT BE THE STATEMENT – You don’t even have to try hard and complicate the look. Let the bold print speak for itself. For example in my outfit, I let African print skater skirt be the center of attention. I didn’t go ham on accessories and opt for a bright mustard leather jacket to compliment the green, which brings me to tip number 2.

2. CLASH OF THE PRINTS – Yes you can mix and match African print with other print. For example, I could wear this skater skirt with a striped/ Gingham shirt. It all depends on what sort of look you are going for.  

3.  STICK TO A PALETTE – See how I added the mustard to the green. I think the two colours complement each other. The secret is to pick colours that go and avoid looking like a Christmas tree.

4. ROCK THE PRINT LIKE A PRO – If you are going to choose African print, you have to own it like you mean it. You will get stares and compliments so be ready for it.

That’s all I had for you today but be sure to let me know how you would style BOLD Prints like African prints.

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