Furry Fur pieces are a must have and ladies this is the perfect time to try out all sorts of cosy furry coats with colourful and original styles, so you won’t only be cosy when temperatures drop but super stylish too. If you opt to be more daring, a full on multi- coloured faux fur coat makes a serious style statement.

Images By Farai

Boots / Boohoo, Jean / ASOS, Sweatshirt / Zara(sold out), Bag/Zara (sold out), *Wrist Watch/Denzel of Sweden

Happy New Year to you all. I am sure most of us have set up some goals for 2017 and ready to see what the new year has in store for us. One thing I have told myself is that my creativity will reach new heights this year so I am pretty excited to share even better content.

I am a huge fan of faux fur items, from coats to clutch bags, you name it all. I prefer faux fur because it’s not real fur plus it is budget friendly. Fur is instantly associated with class and elegance but most importantly I associate it with Autumn/Winter. Fur pieces become more dominant in the fashion scene during winter because they are a great option to keep warm and snug. Adding a fur piece to any look instantly transforms it to a more fancier and classy look. 

The fun part of wearing faux fur is that you can have coloured faux fur pieces. Coloured fur is the perfect addition to street style looks. It gives you the warmth you need while still keeping the ‘street’ feel of it. You can also try multi-coloured fur coats. In this post I went for a multicoloured faux fur sweatshirt. I mixed different textures in this look, including denim and velvet booties. 

Are you a fan of faux fur? Whats your favourite faux fur piece in your wardrobe?

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