Layering knits is a cool way of styling your winter pieces this season . A poncho/ shawl is perfect for layering. Since the blanket poncho is so bulky , it’s best worn with skinny jeans as this gives the illusion of more height . Anything to show off the shape of your legs . Lucky me I already have long legs so I opt for OTK Boots to complete the look but it can also be worn with ankle boots. I think a poncho is best worn open so it has the shawl look rather than it looking like you grabbed your throw blanket off your couch before you left the house .

 OTK Boots/ASOS, Knitted Shawl/Matalan,similar, Roll neck sweater/Matalansimilar

The other day I was having an interesting chat with one of my good friend – Bee and we discussed a topic that led me to write this post. For those of you who have been following me from the beginning, you will know that I started from literally a basic blog. The content was ok but picture quality was not really the best , I was everywhere because I didn’t really know what my strong point was. After about two years of blogging I stopped. Yass I just gave up on it. Not necessarily because I lost interest , but I just felt like I was not being heard. Even when I put in so much effort , it still felt like I was just talking to myself . Now, looking back , I realised that the mistake I was making there is that I was waiting for validation from people. Which is a number 1 mistake most bloggers seem to make . If you are waiting for others to approve of your good work, you will wait forever. The only validation I need is from God. This took a toll on me because it put me down and I was less keen on creating any more content . So I went on a break for like a year or two. Fast forward to 2016, I changed my mentality . It’s like I had a a eureka moment and since then I can gladly say blogging became my passion. I decided to re-brand and stepped up my game. I haven’t made it yet but as far as achieving goals I have knocked off some. 2017 is going to be yet another banging year and I am excited for what’s to come .

In a nutshell, my words of advice for those just starting off or still in the process of building your blog:

  1. Find your passion : it’s simple logic , if you are not passionate about something, you won’t be bothered to pursue it . So find that spark and let it blossom. If it’s cooking , travel, fitness or fashion . Find your passion . It’s easier to write or talk about something that you are passionate about . 
  2. Don’t dwell on Comparisons. Comparison is the thief of all joy. Secret to success is don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle . Stay in your lane and do you. You can take inspiration from other successful bloggers like Patricia or Shirley but never copy and paste what they do. Be unique in what you do and let your own work speak for itself. 
  3. Have a Strategy : just like anything in life , you have to have a plan on how to achieve your goal. For example in order to pass an exam you have to create a schedule for your studying . By doing so you are more likely to pass. Same applies to blogging . Plan your posts and set goals to work towards .

On a fashion note, I recently got this blanket scarf/poncho. This idea came about after seeing the Burberry version of the  poncho , it was way beyond my budget. However , I was happy to find a similar style to the one seen on Sarah Jéssica Parker and Olivia Palermo . Now mine doesn’t have the personalised touch of initials printed on but it does a perfect job at keeping me warm and cosy . I styled this look with OTK Boots and burgundy wax coated pants( which appear to look like faux leather pants ). On that note I would like to wish you all a wonderful festive season. 

How would you style a poncho ?

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