As the weather gets cooler, knowing how to maximise your wardrobe for warm yet stylish results is key. A long maxi coat is one statement piece that can be used over and over again in winter so when purchasing your coat, its best to find one that is definitely practical and stylish.

Long Grey Coat/ Zaful, Jeans/ASOS, Top/H&M, Heels/Public Desire

Hey guys ! So Christmas is just around the corner and it’s that time that we all start thinking about New Years resolutions and all. Truthfully speaking many of us never stick to them at the end of the day but it only feels right to have a few things set. More like Goal setting . Well, in my world I’m taking a different approach . I am a believer in God so this coming year I have declared that it will be my year of WOW moments . Some of you might think *pshhh what’s this girl going on about! But trust me when I say speaking things into existence does indeed come into being . It’s the law of attraction . For example ;If you want a change in career you need to say it to yourself and take steps leading to a new job or career. In terms of your blog , give yourself a set Goal . For instance , In 2017 I shall encounter new opportunities to expand my brand , I shall work with notable brands. I believe it and I shall work towards that . So take some time to think of what it is that you want and start believing it , own it like you have already made it and that will separate you from the rest.

Just thought I would share this after someone in-boxed me about how I have inspired them to start a blog and what steps I took to grow it . I shall be sharing more of my experience in an upcoming post. 

Now , shall we address my outfit of the day ! Maxi coats are one of my fave statement pieces for winter. They are perfect for making a simple outfit look well put together and it instantly transforms a simple look to something elegant. I got this lovely long grey coat c/o Zaful. Zaful is an online site that sells trendy clothing items at affordable prices. Customer service is great and delivery time was quiet quick. You will be notified of when your parcel has been dispatched giving you that reassurance that you will be getting your purchase soon. For more style inspiration you can check out their instagram page.

Reason why I picked this one in particular is because of the length and structure. What I love about it is the fact that its warm and the texture is soft on the skin. The long fit also ensures that your whole body is covered up. However, it doesn’t come with a belt or buttons, so if you want to be extra warm , a great alternative is wrapping a big scarf around your neck and you good to go.

I went for a minimalist look with a pop of colour. Initially, I was aiming for an all grey look but I added a black top to add some contrast to it. In a nutshell, adding a pop of colour is a perfect way of styling your long grey coat.Thanks for reading.

How would you style a chic grey coat?

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