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With Black Friday over and done with, I am hoping cyber Monday will have better deals. I hardly found anything I fancied in the sales which is rather disappointing. Bt on a lighter note, I ventured a bit outside my comfort zone in this post . Never owned a pair of faux leather trousers before so I wasn’t sure how this would turn out.

@stephylately faux leather pants

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Hey guys ! So I am back again with another trendy street style winter outfit . I am still building my winter wardrobe and trying out some of the latest trends too . 

Leather pants have always stumped me when it comes to styling. When they’re worn correctly and paired with the right items, I think they can look amazing – chic, glam, and impossibly cool. But when they’re worn with something that doesn’t really make sense, they have a tendency to look cheap and kind of ridiculous, like you’re trying too hard. 

These faux leather pants are from Sammy dress, and they are good quality as well as affordable – £10.63. The trousers are super stretchy and have a fleece like texture inside them which is perfect as it adds a warm shield in this cold weather. I ordered a size large and they fit well.

I paired the faux leather pants with a grey light weight sweater to balance out the look. The boots add extra edginess and the pop off-colour compliments the entire look. Overall the secret to styling a pair of leather pants is to ensure there is some contrast to it. For example a plaid shirt, simple t-shirt, fur gullet or a denim shirt would all add a great contrast to the tough leather pants. 

How would you style your leather pants?

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

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