Hey guys! It’s clear to see that it’s no longer warm and the fact that clocks moved an hour back at the end of October. Meaning we have shorter days and if you are a blogger, you know the struggle of lighting in winter . If you like me , better catch that perfect lighting at sun rise. 

Top/ZARA, Heels/Ebay, Pants/H&M

Now that the days are shorter and colder am embracing layering and of course my winter coats and boots are out . But that doesn’t mean that you completely do away with lighter clothes. For example, if you are off on date night, instead of wearing short dresses, an elegant pair of trousers and sexy top would be I deal. I opt for the infamous floral silk bodysuit from Zara and paired it with white pants.

I know it’s getting colder but I try to hold on the little that’s left of summer , especially the sporadic dose of sunshine. In a similar way , like weather , change of any kind can be tricky. Sometimes it’s hard to immediately accept change . 

By now most young people in the U.K have ventured out into uni , some on placements , others on travelling expeditions, for some it could be a new career in a new city, friend’s moving away – change is inevitable. It’s times like this you filled with mixed emotions – either with dread or excitement. From a young age , I have taught myself  to always try to be optimistic. I like to think of change as exciting , fresh opportunity, a new adventure to embark on.

So rather than mourn about how dark and gloomy it’s getting I am looking forward to try out some new hearty recipes . Yes I do love cooking and simple nights-in in my Victoria Secret P-Jays and fluffy house slippers . 

What do you love most about Autumn?

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