Nothing beats a feminine, flowy top and the fact that it is white, definitely ticks my boxes. There is something about white that I always end up gravitating towards. The only down side to it is that white fabrics easily get stained but hey that never stops me in any way. Courtesy of Shein, this off shoulder top delivers the right amount of sexiness with plenty of fashion cred. For an affordable price of under £12 you can’t go wrong with that.

Photo credits : Farai

Top/Courtesy of Shein, Jeans/ Zara, similar, Heels/Office, similar, Bag/Micheal Kors

So, a couple of weeks ago, I celebrated my 25th birthday and my loving boyfriend had planned a surprise trip to the beautiful city of Birmingham. I was pretty curious that morning when I was getting ready for the road trip to the mysterious destination so I decided to go for a simple cute look. I wanted this look to be more trendy and chic so I added a pair of heels and the pom pom detailing on this top added that extra trendy look ( to go with the pom pom trend in summer).

What do you think of the pom pom detailing? A fan or not?

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