Spring is on my mind but reality seems to conflict with my wishes. Its fair to say March/April is a tricky phase as we seem to be transitioning and worst for allergy prone people, it ain’t the best of times. On a brighter side we seem to wear less of the woollen coats and opt for cardigans. I am just recovering from a nasty cold and really should be all wrapped up but I decided to be a rebel. My comfy but not warm enough  spring inspiration outfit is boho inspired and I love the fact that just by simply throwing on a cardigan on my casual look, it definitely transformed the entire look. 

I recently launched my youtube channel and I have uploaded a behind the scenes video. Feel free to check it out on Stephylately.

Photo credits: Farai

Lace-up Sandals/Zara Top/ Select Cardigan/H&M Jeans/Zara

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