Photos taken by Farai.

Its unbelievable how months are passing by so quick, I mean we are already going into the month of March, which will be a busy month for me as I have tons of tests and deadlines. But on a brighter side I will soon be done with 2nd year, WHOOP WHOOP!! 

So I woke up this morning and planned my day. Bearing in my mind that it was initially nice and sunny but still chilly. Then a couple of hours later it just turned all gloomy and grey. It somehow reminded me of an episode of GOTHAM. Do any of you watch it? Well if you do , am sure you will somehow agree with me that the city of Gotham is as grey and dark as can be. Anyway, I then decided to add some colour to my outfit. However, having said that, for a split second I asked myself wether white is indeed a colour. Because white is technically the absence of colour. Let me know what you guys think in your comments.

I am a denim kinda girl and I accept the fact that I wear a pair almost everyday. But most of the time I tend to reach for my blue skinny jeans or black in some instances. I hardly pick my white pairs simply because I avoid staining them. Today was an exception because I wanted to wear something that would brighten the gloomy weather. I love a good pair of white jeans for the summer because they look fresh and clean. I figured I’d show you guys how I style my white jeans in winter. I added a grey touch to my look for a classy clean look. 

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