Unconventional Winter Look

Photo credits : Farai

Crop top &Skirt | Tailor-made | Heeled sandals | Public Desire

What an incredible year its been  but I will leave this chat for new years. Done with semester one for now and looking forward to spending some quality time with my family over Christmas. A random thought just popped in my head ; How many of you actually have turkey for Christmas dinner? I was asking my folks whether they would like me to cook turkey for a change but it seems like no one was up for that. So we going to stick to chicken then. All this food talk is just making me hungry.

If you happen to be in the UK at the moment you will realize that its feeling a little too warm for winter. I mean I didn’t even have to wear my scarf for the past couple of days. Worst still the flowers seem to be confused too, daffodils sprouting in the middle of winter. Well I ain’t complaining. I cant stand the cold. That brings me to my outfit. I opt for an unconventional look to add color to the gloomy nature of winter. My dad went to Zambia and brought me fabric (Chitenge material as we call it in Zambia, or popularly known as Ankara) which I gave my tailor to make outfits for me. I have a skater skirt version of this too. The outfit appears to look like a dress but its actually a crop top and maxi skirt. I couldn’t wait till spring or summer to wear this  but alas I was able to rock it earlier due to the mild weather. 

Hope you all have to be around your loved ones over Christmas and most importantly remember the reason why we celebrating Christmas i.e. Jesus Christ, God’s son. Stay blessed.

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