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I am currently loving the autumn leaves all around. Call me weird but I just find the transitioning of seasons quiet fascinating. Anyways, away from boring weather stories, is anyone into How to get away with murder #HTGAWM like I am? Its getting super interesting that I eagerly wait to watch the next episode each coming week. Spoiler alert ” who do you think shot Annalise?” I think it might be Wes. Arrrgh the anticipation is killing me. 

So I was in the beautiful city of Manchester over the weekend and decided to visit the Trinity bridge. We (boo and I) initially planned on going to grab some lunch at the “Splendid Kitchen” in the heart of the city. Which turned out to be a pretty decent place plus their meal portions are extremely dear. Its a great place if you are looking for some good  northern soul food. In fact, I couldn’t even finish  my order. After the meal we decided to visit the trinity bridge and took some pictures there.

For my outfit, I knew I was going to eat so I definitely opt for a loose fitting button up shirt (actually, I wore my boyfriend’s work shirt), with boyfriend jeans, a pair of chucks and of course a tench to keep warm. It was quiet nippy.

The best part of casual outfits with Converse is that though they are comfortable they also have the advantage of being immensely cute. It is often said that comfort is one of the things that is to be sacrificed when it comes to fashion, but this may not be true all the time. 

Happy Sunday.x

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