May Weather favourites >>

May Weather favourites

May Weather favourites by moilesedi featuring gold jewellery

H M green flight jacket

H&M jeans

H&M high waisted blue jeans

Zara leather sandals
£77 –

Birkenstock sandals
£64 –

Rare London gold jewellery

Marc Jacobs daisy perfume
£49 –

Estée Lauder beauty product

Hey guys! I am nearly half way done with my exams and honestly anxiously waiting to write the last paper. Just wanted to share with ya’ll what I have been loving this May so far. Ripped Jeans, I have recently purchased two pairs and just yesterday I was in Zara and came across some more on special prices…the struggle is real but unfortunately I need to control my purchasing cravings because summer will only be here for a short while anyway then I will have no use for the ripped jeans. But none the less I am absolutely loving the ripped trend. Next item am loving is the khaki bomber jacket. Unfortunately i missed the H&M 20% student sale (perks of being a student!) and they had that bomber jacket on sale plus student discount. Next item are the Birkenstock sandals. These were not love at first sight but when I saw the replicas in H&M I couldn’t resist to buy them and they are absolutely comfy trust me. The Zara leather sandals are on my wish list and and praying they go on sale soon. I also started loving body chains. Its amazing how this accessory transforms a simple outfit into something extra sexy. Last but not the least the daisy perfume by Marc Jacobs smells so divine. I am yet to try out the Estee Lauder but from the good reviews I am hoping to try it out soon. 

Stay Blessed

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