Winding up on my mini holiday and couldn’t be happier to wrap up on a good note. Many are the times we take for granted the people who mean the most to us, but trust me each time I get to say bye to the fam it feels like I am going miles and miles away. Listening to the Empire sound track right now and its making me feel some type of way. In particular the drip drop song…man that’s my tune right there. Speaking of series, what kinda series are you lot into. Well I am waiting for the next season of Empire, How to get away with murder, Suits, The walking dead and Being Mary Jane. I am yet to try out House of cards and scandal, yes I am late , never gotten the hype at all but seeing as I have nothing more to watch, I might as well.

Enough of the chit chatter, Back to my outfit. To be honest I haven’t really been feeling dressing to the nines of late and often just opt for a comfy laid back look. Heels can be a hustle some times, so comfort all the way when I can. My chain reminds me of my zodiac, not that I believe in it or anything, but I am a Leo and that chain just reminds me of it.  

What I am wearing :

Maxi Dress/ H&M


Neck Chain/ New Look


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