Closet Confidential Tag

Hey  everyone, so I was tagged by Tasha from Tashpantz to do the closet confidential tag and after watching quite a few of them on YouTube i decided to do it too. So i will jump into the tag right away.

Whats your most expensive item in your closet?

Well, it has to be my Micheal Kors wrist watch which i absolutely adore. It adds a great touch to any outfit and especially on days when I don’t really feel like accessorizing too much, I just throw on my wrist watch and am good to go.

 What is your most recent item you have bought?

The Zara sandals with gold accents. They are absolutely comfortable and pretty. I like the fact that they are black because i can pair them with any outfit. I tend to go for dark colors when it comes to shoes for some reason…

 What was the biggest bargain in your Closet?

Some time in January I was lucky enough to find these wedges for a mere £5…yes £5 from £29.99. You cant go wrong with such a discount. And the fact that it was in my actual size I grabbed them quick. 

  What is the oldest item in your closet?

My lovely leather biker jacket is probably the oldest item I own. Its still looking as good as new and I often wear it. Great piece to have in every closet. If i could get another one , I would probably go for a red one or pastel pink for this spring. 

What is the most affordable/cheapest item that you have ?

I wouldnt necessarily say its the cheapest but its definitely is a brilliant purchase. If you follow me on instagram and facebook page you would have probably seen me rocking this body number. I was shocked at how well it hugged my body and frankly speaking I got loads of compliments from friends and stangers who even thought it was proper expensive. I got it off ebay for £12.99. 

What was the biggest waste of your money?

Huh I wouldn’t think of anything I buy as a waste of money when it comes to clothes and shoes. Unless I just don’t want to admit lol. 

BONUS QUESTION: Show us three of your favorite items at the moment.

My old time favorite Zara heeled sandals. I wish I had bought them in blue and red too. 

 I am a  sucker for Statement necklaces, so when i saw this particular one in NewLook I just had to get it. The way it transforms a simple outfit into a chic and stylist one is so amazing. 

 This over-sized pink blazer is one of my favorite items because it adds a pop of color to any outfit and the fact that its over-sized enables me to wear it as a jacket when its a lil chilly.

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