Before, I really hesitated on wearing boyfriend Jeans and kinda felt like i wore borrowed trousers because of the loose fit but its been a gradual process getting used to them. Cant get over the fact that they are super comfy regardless of my skinny figure I felt good in them. 

Don’t be surprised that am still wearing sweaters because this weather is bipolar.

 If I could move down south I would, seriously its like we not even in spring in Leeds. We are hardly having any sunshine unlike out friends in other cities. Anyway so regardless of the gloomy weather I decided to still keep warm as I was nipping out to run a few errands. I was going for a comfortable look because I did a lot of walking about and my Afro was giving me life to be honest but most of all my statement necklace which is a recent buy is my favorite at the moment. I cant have enough of it.

Have a blessed Week.


What I am Wearing

Sweater – TK Maxx

Bucket Bag – Zara 

Pumps – New Look

Watch – Micheal Kors

Shirt – H&M (mens)

Necklace – New Look

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