Happy First Blogversary

Hey everyone!

“My blog turns 1 today “

So my blog finally turned a year old and am really happy with how far I have come because I was not sure how long I would have it for. Its amazing how time flies…

This time last year I decided to create this blog, after convincing myself that I could do it and I just felt the need to show my creativity with the rest of the world. After being inspired by people like Joan of Afro-Funk and other bloggers I was hooked on this whole blogging thing. I have learnt a few things through out this journey and I sure hope to continue and improve on my blogging. But anyway to cut the long story short if you feel blogging is for you definitely go for it. I absolutely love what I do and hope to even get better at it. I have some exciting ideas in store so hopefully all goes well. 

Thanx to everyone for the comments and support. Happy Hump Day.


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