Turban Thursday

Phewwww…….now I can comfortably sit back and enjoy my cup of
tea and catch up with blog world. I have been attempting to take these braids out and I finally finished taking them out mainly because
they are not looking good anymore and my edges are as crusty as dry bread – Am not
exaggerating guys. Anyway, honestly speaking maybe I just got tired of the same
hair style.

However, am not sure of what hairstyle to do next to be
honest. Already missing the braids though, lol. Well it’s the most hustle free style
I can think of. I haven’t relaxed my hair for the past two months and my mum
was beginning to think that I am finally going natural. Unfortunately that’s not
the case; I just haven’t felt like relaxing it and also trying to give the hair
a break from all them chemicals.

For the past few days I have been rocking my turbans and boy
have they been so useful in the sense that it’s getting so cold and the turban
is not only stylish but it keeps my head warm.

” What more could I ask
for? ” 

One of my very good friends asked me how I tie my turbans,
to be honest its all due to the various YouTube tutorials I watch. That’s the
secret and also constant practice. That’s it really. I tend to use scarfs and old wrappers like the tie and die piece shown below. Basically , one can use anything as long as its not so rigid because you don’t want to damage your hair underneath. 

Have a Blessed weekend.


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