Jeans/H&M, T-Shirt/etsy, Loafers/H&M, ToteBag/H&M, Shirt/Primark, Leather Jacket/ZARA

Hope everyone is doing okay. I can’t believe its already November though, months are going by so fast and of course its getting colder by the day – Hence, layering has to definitely be a must in order to be warm. Not forgetting the fact that we seem to have shorter days now that clocks have gone an hour back making the days shorter. 

Today’s post features one of my favourite shirts this season. Ok, so I have an ever growing obsession with Tartan/Plaid especially shirts and I managed to get a couple of them from Primark – one from the men’s section . For those of you who follow me on instagram you probably have already seen me rock this shirt.  It sure proves that I do love it and can’t get enough of the plaid shirt I guess. Anyway I was going for a laid back look and so I paired the plaid shirt with a  celine white tee, a leather jacket,  and some loafers. 

Have a Blessed weekend.

The trick is to enjoy life. Don’t wish your days away waiting for better ones ahead. Live in the now and make your present relevant. SMILE. ” 


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