20 Random Facts About me Tag.

Hiya guys, hope you alright. To my American readers Happy Thanksgiving. Anyway, so this post has been long over due and its about time I did it. I was recently tagged by Maya of Petite & Unique to do the random facts about me. So, I thought it would be a good way for you the readers to get to know me a lil better. Here we go:

1)      I tend to smile most of the time regardless
of what’s really going on in my life.

2)     I used to be in a choir group in primary

3)     I attended an all-girls school from
primary school and went to an all-girls high school. So basically sixth form is
the only time I actually sat in a class with guys. Weird… but it’s a story of
my life.

4)     I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes,
can’t have enough in my wardrobe.

5)     I speak three native languages ( i.e
Bemba, Njanja and Lozi), but strangely enough I understand a bit of Shona and a
few words in Xulu.

6)     I love smelling good, so I do collect

7)     I have never been to America yet but
hopefully my prayers will be answered soon.

8)     I do a lot of cleaning when I am upset,
it helps me cool down.

9)     I am the shortest among my siblings but
I am the oldest.

10)  I love my Afro-beats

11)   My fav apps in my iPhone are Instagram,
Bloglovin and Lookbooknu.

12)  I love my alone time from time to time,
especially when am home alone. Its relaxing

13)  I only started wearing proper makeup like
3 years ago, before then I was not bothered with such things. In all fairness, YouTube
played a huge role in making me want to start wearing makeup.

14)  I suffered from acne in my teenage years
and hated looking at myself in the mirror or taking pics.

15)  I hardly ever watch TV without being on
my phone, in fact I hardly watch TV.

16)  I can’t swim neither can I ride a bike
though I attempted and it was an epic fail.

17)  I am afraid of pressing irons, especially
when my siblings chase me around with it in their hands, just to annoy me

18)  I am a tad bit obsessed with lingerie.

19)  I am good at badminton, well used to be
so to speak, because I cant remember the last time I played it.

20)  I love

That took me a while to think about though but anyway guys thats my 20 random facts and Since I was tagged to do this, I would also like to tag

Joan of Afro-funk
Esther of StyleKrush

Enjoy your weekend.


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