Blurred Lines

Hello my lovies, hope you are well. So its been a while since my last post and I do apologise for the silence. Autumn is finally here and am loving the trends so far even though I don’t necessarily stick to trends. First of all I decided to get some box braids for now and am loving them clearly because they are not high maintenance. Really am loving them…

The thing about autumn is that on some chilly days I can layer up and knowing me, I tend to get cold pretty easily for some reason. Sweaters are staple pieces for layering up and they do come in handy through the winter

 “Thinking about it just makes me feel nice and cosy,- chuckles away”

 I managed to get this sweater after seeing the kenzo sweater/jumper on polyvore. My budget can’t allow me to get the original Kenzo sweater so something close to it will definitely do for me.

 Happy reading and enjoy the rest of your week ya’ll. 


Outfit Details


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