“Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”

The other day I was on twitter and came across an interesting argument concerning makeup. Well basically, some one posted a pic a before and after pic of a lady who had undergone a good makeup fix in my opinion even though she look totally different. Apparently , some guys think wearing makeup disguises the true beauty or natural state of a woman. Someone else put a point across saying “some girls without makeup look hideous.” You see with some nasty words would you blame females for wearing makeup? Anyway so the argument went on and on. In my opinion, I see nothing wrong with wearing makeup to enhance natural beauty. Yes, others overdo it but to be honest Wetin concern You as my Nigerian friends would say -(how does it affect you)? Whats your view on this?

I proudly wear makeup because I love to. The main products I use on my face are MAC match master foundation, L’Oreal studio primer, MAC studio care-blend and lipsticks from my local drug store. Thank God for YouTube my makeup skills have improved tremendously. 

Anyway hope you all had a lovely weekend and blessed Sunday. My weekend has been gloomy and wet because its been raining all weekend but i still managed to go to church today. This was my Face Of the Day (FOTD).


Have a lovely week


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