Blooms & Blossoms

Ever been in a situation were you feel nothing whatsoever you try or do, isn’t  going your way no matter how much you pray about things. Well I have been feeling that way for far to long and it came to a point were I was consumed by so much anger and frustration to the extent of actually tiring my self out. However, what did I gain from all that, one would ask. Absolutely nothing. I even lost the zeal to do what I love doing best which is blogging and of course taking pics. Anger and frustration did not get me nowhere. The word of the lord kept ringing in my head “Cast your burdens unto Jesus, for he cares for you” not cast your burdens unto yourself. So u see, its not worth worrying and getting frustrated. Just thought I would share that with you.

Anyway enough of the emotional talk. After feeling revived I decided to get back to my usual self and I found the best outfit to express my joy and fresh feeling of relief. This dress caught my eye when I was having a lil walk around town and I just had to get it. The floral print definitely stands out as a statement piece on its on and it being a  maxi dress it definitely was a must get considering we have been having quite a good amount of sunshine and warm weather than goodness. I paired it with sandals and Zara Bag.

August is my birthday month and I have every reason to be happy though its a constant reminder that am getting old but hey we all are getting there. I haven’t yet decided on what am going to do for my birthday however I will definitely keep you posted.



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