BLOOMING Marvelous

Wake up and smell the rose, tulips, daffodils. Whether you’re into the English Garden variety or exotic hothouse blooms, florals are the prints that will always leave you feeling – and looking – vibrant and beautiful. I spotted some floral pants in H&M on sale a month ago and thought to myself why not, for only £7. I normally just own regular jeans mostly the standard blue jeans and these pants definitely add vibrancy to my wardrobe.

May Bank Holiday weekend was amazing, I visited Harrogate  which is not too far from Leeds, went for a BBQ. The weather was amazing literally hot, tops of 18 degrees. Trust me when we hit such double figures its to die for. (The reason why I always rant about the weather is because I lived most of my life in a hot climate country and having to move here due to circumstances, really still not used to it, so just skip the weather part..) Anyway, so we spent our day in Harrogate and I must say I loved it there, though I wouldn’t want to move there.

 Then the next day I met up with a few of my friends and went to Yates just to chill and this is what I wore. I opt for a girly chilled look and didn’t really do much with accessories but I wanted to be free and relaxed.

Zambian Beauties

 Have a lovely weekend,


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