Fuchsia Heels

Shoes glorious shoes, wonderful shoes!!! (Singing)…Every lady like me
who absolutely loves to shop will understand the wonderful feeling we get when
we see so many shoes in a shop. It’s like shoe heaven.
Anyway my love for
shoes, heels in particular, is ever growing strong. My collection is yet to
grow though so can’t show u them all. Anyway I got this pair of fuchsia pink heels
(New Look) about 2 years ago I think and believe it or not I have never worn
them before. Why? Well, It was not love at first sight to be honest. It was on
sale on Boxing Day and I got it for £5 yes!!! Bargain init? So I thought why
not just get them because I bought them in black too and I seem to have worn
the black pair more often than the pink ones. They are comfortable to some
extent but can’t go for hours wearing them.

Jeans – Select
Top/dress – Select
Blazer – Next

Thanx for stopping by.


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