Dare To Be Different

Many are the times I would say I can never wear that or that’s
not my kind of thing, but immediately changing my mind.

If the old adage ‘never
say never’ in fashion… why the heck are people always saying never, never and
NEVER. They even add in things like ‘not in a million years.’ ‘Wouldn’t be
caught dead.’ or ‘ wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole.’

~Jennine Jacob says in this post~

we all do it at some point. So, of late Rihanna has been rocking denim on denim
and clearly she always pulls it off. I mean she looks amazing in everything she
wears, if only I could have her stylist at my hands hey. A girl can dream I suppose. This particular outfit caught my eye and immediately I wanted to own a denim jumpsuit .


come and go, and I for one do tend to follow certain trends but then again I do
bend the rules a bit and decide to dress according to how am feeling. I went a
little outside my comfort zone and decided to get myself a denim jumpsuit. It
was more like a spontaneous decision if you ask me and once I received it I
immediately wanted to return it. But then again I decided to keep it.

was going to get some lunch and  decided
it was the perfect time to unleash the jumpsuit seeing as it was a little windy
and not so warm, however the fake sunshine kinda cheered me up. My mum’s initial reaction to my outfit was ” What are u wearing?” but she further on said I looked different, that’s simply because its not something I would normally wear.  

jumpsuit has a very soft feel to it and its extremely comfy. I paired it with
my infamous ZARA sandals (These sandals are all over Instagram, couldn’t help
but get me a pair of them bad boys ) with a white blazer. By the way the
jumpsuit is from Mango but I bought it from ASOS.

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