So Close Yet so far

Many are
the times we take for granted of those people in our lives. Many of those who
we think don’t actually mean a thing to you. In other cases we just don’t realize how much one means to us till they are no more. I choose to believe that one has
a decision to appreciate what they have and make the most of it because nothing
lasts forever.

The month
of March has been full of ups and downs. But then all things happen for a
reason and one has to pick up the pieces and move on in life. I lost my
granddad a couple of days ago two days before my Mum’s birthday. I had been
looking forward to taking my mum out for a meal and having a girly day out
with her and my sister. Not until I was
informed of the death of my SHIKULU (Granddad).
I have been close to my
nana and granddad from a tender age and they have been both significant figures
in my life. Last year I made myself a promise to go and pay them a visit
because something kept telling me to go back home. I did manage to see them and
they were both in good health. I am not going to bore u with much details but
one of the most memorable thing I will not forget is the blessings he gave me
as I left for the UK after my 3 weeks visit to Zambia. He gave me a hug and
kissed my palms (Traditional way of
blessing someone in my Dad’s Tribe
). Last night that particular memory kept
playing in my head. I could vividly see his smile…The bond I shared with him is
something I underestimated but I know his gone to a better place. M.H.S.R.I.P.

on a brighter note, I decided to have a new
hair style
seeing as spring is around the corner. I am a kind of
person who normally doesn’t experiment much when it comes to what kinda styles I
do. At work most of my colleagues are fascinated by how often I change my hair.
The thing is I easily get bored of one hairstyle. I like to look different
every now and then. But I kind of conform to dark colors and preferably either
big hair or long hair will do for me. I have had a short weave before but I felt
so naked! Yes Naked! It felt like I was bold. Anyway so I took my box braids
out and installed a long weave. What do you think? It’s got some highlights in
it as well.   


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