has sprung or maybe shall I rephrase that”
because today being the second day of spring it’s been
snowing since yesterday. Honestly, I think we skipping seasons here. It hardly
snowed during Christmas period when everyone was praying for a white Christmas but
unfortunately we getting it in abundance this time around. I am not one to
really complain about things I can’t change but damn am more than fed up of this snow.

Anyway am sure
everyone has realised that monochrome is one of the trends for 2013 . I really
love this trend because many of my shoes and clothes are basically black and a
few whites. Black and white are staple colours and u can never go wrong with
them regardless of your complexion. Yes there are some colours that I avoid,
just because they might be too harsh for me. I saw the striped shirt in H&M
and immediately had many ideas on how I would style it. Check this out. 

Got one of my dad’s Bowties  

My Polyvore


  • Faux Leather Skater Skirt – H&M
  • Striped Shirt – H&M
  • Shoes – Garage 
  • Accessories – New Look

I wore the same shirt with Black leggings  and some cobalt blue heels I got on sale in ZARA. Definitely hoping to get a few things in the next ZARA sales just anxiously waiting.  I paired this outfit with a black clutch. However, if you would love to add some colour you could pair it with a neon yellow clutch and stick to black heels or sandals.


  • Shoes – Zara
  • leggings – Primark
  • clutch- Primark
  • Gold collar- Ebay

Have a lovely Weekend. 


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