The start of a
new week is always the crucial part (not only for me) especially if you have
work or uni on a Monday morning. But hey we got to wake up and get going cos
that money won’t come on a silver platter.

So over the
weekend I had some “ME” time and have been having so many thoughts roaming my
lil head. I won’t bore you with details of what was going on entirely but it’s
mainly to do with friendship. I have come to a realization that as I grow older,
my circle of friends has dramatically diminished. For instance in high school I
had loads of people I called friends but now I have only stayed in touch with
about less than 5 of the bunch of friends I thought I had. I questioned my
friendship with a couple of friends.

Friendship is
vital in every human beings life. As the saying goes no man is an island. But
to be honest looking at things right now am glad I have the few friends that I can
truly call friends and whom I know I can rely on. It is just annoying when all
the effort is coming from one person. In the end I feel like am chasing after
that person, like seriously that ain’t happening. Anyway, I have shared enough
of my thoughts now. Am sure am not the only person out the way who feels this

Only then(in my thoughts)
did I realize that the futility of thinking about another person — and our
intense desire to do so — is exactly what friendship is about. It shows our
willingness to be devoted, committed and vulnerable for another person; simply
because it is the best we can do, even if the best yields nothing. It’s like
pushing a 10-ton stone: We can’t move it, but that’s not the point. However,
for how long will u keeping pushing a 10-ton stone I mean for what purpose is
it? There is no point.

One thing about
me is that I can be rather outspoken at times and maybe too frank in certain circumstances
but that’s me. That’s my personality, but some people take it the wrong way and
feel offended by my frankness. I don’t really understand that. After thinking
and praying about things that bothered me I feel ten times better.   

I was meant to
go ice-skating in City Center but then again it was way too cold in Leeds to go
ice-skating.  Never the less I had a
pretty relaxing weekend and I was forced to stay indoors. I managed to go to
church on Sunday. Below are a few pics of what I wore. I decided to wear white and
leopard print with a hint of red lippy (MAC Ruby woo).
With Love, Tsepo 

 Would definitely rock this to an all white party I reckon. Even with the hint leopard print.


Blouse – PrimarkSkinny Jeans –
Zara UK
Heels – USCBlazer – NEXT (sales
only £7)Chocker- Ebay

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