Stephy-lately’ is a creative platform that was initially started as a hobby and now turned into a brand, showcasing styling tips and makeup related topics.


Hi everyone, I am Stephanie aka Stephy-lately, a Fashion & Beauty blogger and Economics student, based in Leeds/Manchester. Originally from Zambia, therefore you will notice the fact that I hold my African roots and try to incorporate it in my looks.

I started my love affair with fashion about four years ago and I can comfortably state that my style is chic street style. I never shy away from bold colours as well as print. My aim is to share styling tips with fashion  stumped 20 somethings on how to shop their closets for polished new outfits. You don’t have to break the bank to look cool. Sometimes you have to recycle whats already have in your wardrobe and definitely go for bargains.

Fashion is my passion and I hope my blog reaches people who share my obsession with all things fashionable.


Remember: ” Success isn’t about being the best, It’s about always getting better “


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