Brrrrr Mans not hot as Big Shaq would say. As I am writing this post on the Train, covered in plenty layers, I can’t help but think of my cozy room awaiting me in an hours time. Its quiet evident that the dreaded winter is finally upon us. Thankfully I also have a latte to keep me all warm and fuzzy.

Which brings me onto today’s outfit. If you are into faux fur coats you might love this look. Actually, I am wearing a grey faux fur gilet. A great addition to your wardrobe especially for layering. If there is something that I struggled with before, its mastering the art of layering. Chunky Knits, heavy coats, bubble hats and huge scarves are great. However, it is so easy to pile up all the thick warm stuff only to end up ridiculously boiling, cue sweaty Betty. Well, I have found that a faux fur gilet is actually a life saver because its not only sleeveless but allows your arm pits to breathe. It can be worn over a biker jacket and under that, you could throw in a loose fitting polo neck. Better still you could wear the faux fur gilet over a thinner baggy jumper.


Photo Credits: Boateng Arkoh

Most universities, colleges and schools  will be breaking up for Christmas. Personally, I will be heading home to spend some quality time with my family over this festive period. As much as I am looking forward to getting some rest from studies, I can’t help but think about my up coming deadlines in January. Thankfully, I don’t have any exams. However, I know that I will need to still stay productive and not completely do away with my books. In order to stay on top of everything, I have 5 tips on how to stay productive through this festive period.


Waking up early whilst on holiday is probably the last thing on your mind. However, its so easy to have your day slip away right under your nose. Therefore, I would encourage you all to try and get your day started in the morning. We are currently experiencing short days and longer nights so if you wait to start your day till noon, by 3pm it is already turning dark outside. I don’t know about you, but the minute I see the sun setting , my productivity declines.


Get yourself into the right frame of mind for the day by moving around first thing. Some people exercise first thing but if you can’t do that just walk to the kitchen/bathroom and get moving rather than going straight to business or sitting at your desk. Movement stimulates all the positive brain chemicals and it has been proven that the effect can last all day. Don’t believe me? Give it a go.


Subtle music in the morning actually gets me going. Its quiet relaxing. Music makes everyone’s week a little better, but we all know the feeling of an iTunes library full of music, but having nothing you feel like listening to. Personally, SPOTIFY is my number one go to place for music. By having a playlist clear out each weekend, you can keep your playlists up to date, and make sure you have all the tracks you want to hear to keep you motivated at the gym, whilst you running errands, and even that party playlist for Saturday night when you getting ready for all the lined up Christmas parties.


As a blogger, I try to keep  my audience all across my social media platforms, well entertained and I love to share what I get up to when I can. Producing new content means I need to stay inspired so as to feel motivated to produce better content on a regular. There is so much going on during the festive period and people are out there looking for inspiration too. So why not harness this opportunity and find something that you are good at (e.g a delicious recipe you can share with people to try out for Christmas dinner).


With Christmas shopping to do, food shopping, outfit shopping….it does build up eventually. Easy way to take control of such a situation is to have a list. Preferably a short and achievable one. After creating a to-do list, its easier to see which tasks need to be done and when. This makes it easier to focus on one task at a time. You can also set a time limit on every task, which will keep you from spending too long on one thing.

Hope these Tips are of benefit to you all and as we plan our Christmas, may you have a fun filled festive period. Which of these tips are you most likely to adopt?







  • Rach

    These are great tips! I needed this reminder now that the holidays are getting closer! And I am loving this outfit! Obsessed with your vest!


  • Sonia Makosso

    Great post, I am definitely going to focus on one task at the time because it has always been an issue for me.
    PS: I love your outfit, very stylish.

  • Love your outfit, and you’ve convinced me that I need a faux fur vest in my wardrobe!
    Those are some great tips you shared. I’m working on getting up earlier as I definitely feel more productive when I do!

    Jenny | Geeky Posh

  • Yvonne

    Love how you layered this look! The faux fur vest is such a beautiful colour. You are so pretty! Thanks for the inspiration and have a great day!
    xo Yvonne

  • One task at a time, does it for me. You look amaing
    The Glossychic

  • You’re so right about starting early what with the shorter days and longer nights thing. When it gets dark, my brain automatically goes into sleep mode and it’s so hard to shake it off sometimes. You look so winter chic, love the outfit! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  • Michelle Elenee

    starting early is my favourite as I get things done. But, I can’t deny that I am super tired in the afternoon, I have to take a nap. I like this outfit so much and how you layered it.

    Hope you having a great weekend.



  • Sindiso Moagi

    I could not agree with you more. Funny enough we have longer days than nights because we are in summer but one is not motivated. Maybe it is the festive mood I don’t know. By the way I will be in London at the end of January, let me know if you are keen for a meet up

  • nyashanicole

    I love this outfit. Its a diff kinda style from you. I think the most important is to get up and just do something, like you mentioned even if its not going to the gym, just do something 😊