babes of missguided grey cocktail dress

Aside a black dress, my second favourite is a cute grey dress.  Its no only perfect for fall, its also different and will definitely help you stand out at parties. When it comes to cocktail attires, I tend to reach out to Missguided mainly because they offer trendy looks perfect for millennials like myself. When I saw the power shoulders on this one, I had to have it. Its such a statement look.






At the beginning of this year, I had no idea what to expect from 2017. In fact I was in a good place as I was on placement and set some goals for myself which was to get my citizenship sorted and to get my driving licence . My vision was pretty clear however as the year went on my spirit was off, circle got smaller. I even started questioning God. Like, “Alright, you gave me all this talent, beauty and skills. But why you gotta add in all these extra hardships though? Like wassup G?” Lol. And then it hit me. Either you are going to show up and show out, so God knows you ready or you can choose to stay in this funk and complain about everything in your life . I don’t know bout you but I am getting myself right together. It’s about aligning your heart with God and he will give you peace .

The reality is, every NEW LEVEL requires a NEW you! Nobody cares if you have some credits under your belt, already. That shit is done. Question is ;what are you doing NOW? I mean that’s how I think. Why? Because time  is still going. Life is still happening. Sorry for whoever fooled some of you. But the process of “glowing up or leveling up” is everything but EASY or a walk in the park. You WILL constantly be TESTED. It’s really all apart of the journey. To help you, to mold you, to sharpen you and to keep us in CHECK -“you know who you are”

So what do you do?… “STAY READY”, is what. BELIEVE, the blessings are yours. WORK, like your depends on it. FIGHT to keep it. Have Faith, even as little as a mustard seed. And then all the BS in between, if you ain’t dead… shut up and HANDLE it. Hope this word helps someone out there .


As we all know , we are approaching party season. In fact am sure most people already have parties lined up for the festive period .Not everyone likes how early Christmas celebrations begin each year. But we can all agree to love the parties and festivities they bring. Come mid-November, the party season will be in full swing, so make the most of it and say yes to every invitation. Today’s look is a style inspiration. Other than going for the good old LBD ( Little Black Dress), why not try this grey number. I love everything about this dress especially the 80’s touch with the power shoulders. I wore this grey exaggerated shoulder bandage bodycon dress for a recent shoot I had with Looker( I shared more about the new App Looker in my previous post so please be sure to check it out ). Keeping my accessories simple , to let the dress do the talking .

Have a great weekend .X


  • Becks

    You’ve just given me so much inspo for NYE! You look amazing in this post hun love it!

  • Michelle Elenee

    All these hardships we face boo are the reasons why i look back and be proud of myself. They have told me to be strong than ever before and I keep learning all the time. I used to worry and question God alot. But that stopped and I started finding beauty in every situation in my life. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post. You look so amazing in this dress.

    Have a nice week


  • omg this is so much nicer on u,u really brought it to life


  • Sonish Space

    Oh babe, this is such a powerful post. New level calls for new challenges. Just like you said you have to show up for God to know you are ready. I know its gets hard and its ok to ask the questions like wassup G (lol). God is faithful. I can see we are on the same journey and everyday I am asking myself the right questions and rearranging things in my life and making time for the things I want to accomplish. You are on the right path because your mind is right and your shoulders are up (perfect dress). Keep showing up babe.
    Amazing dress too. Love the woman you are and the one you are reaching for.

  • Emma Wachira

    Powerful message that is!!
    Align your heart with God and He will give you peace. Every new level requires a new you…
    I will keep those two messages in my mind and heart ..
    You pull off the look so well in that dress.