I don’t know about you but there’s something about quotes that really inspire me. I put them up on my Instagram not only for aesthetics reasons but because I like spreading positive vibes. An interesting idea is to find pictures of them on Pinterest, print them out and pop them at your desk at work, next to your bed or as the wallpaper on your phone.

Images By Farai
Flat Mules/TKMaxx, Jeans/Zara, Embroidered Shirt/TKMaxx, Bag/Zalando
Here are 5 of my fav quotes that I hope would inspire you today.

1. “Life is a journey, not a destination”
With all the challenges and stress of life , we often get caught up in hitting deadlines and going places that we forget life happens in the "in-between". Next time you’re stressing about that huge project, focus more on the work you’re doing, see what you can learn from it. Or when you’re next traveling someplace, focus a little less on the destination and experience the journey more – literally!

2. “Don’t call it a dream – call it a plan”
There is nothing wrong with dreaming. It’s always fantastic to have those big dreams for your life. Okay, sometimes they’re a little bit unrealistic. But for those attainable dreams (becoming a successful blogger,buying a house/apartment , finding love, getting your dream job) it’s time to stop dreaming and start planning! Dreams can become reality as long as you take the first step to figuring out how to make them your reality.

3. “The world is filled with nice people – if you can’t find one, be one”
Yes, it’s true. There are lots of lovely people in the world but sometimes it’s like you can’t find a single one! Finding yourself in an environment filled with dropkicks can be a little disheartening. But if you’re not able or willing to move out of that environment, being the kindest version of yourself you can be is the next best thing. Basically, you’ll be putting up a mirror to everyone else – and it might just encourage them to be a little kinder too. Spread the love .

4. “You are what you’ll do, not what you say”
Truer words never were spoken. It’s akin to “actions speak louder than words” and it’s a pretty big one. Talk is so cheap and it’s easy to say everything under the sun you know the person you’re talking to wants to hear. But to really mend a relationship or prove to your boss that you deserve that promotion or raise, you have to actually show it through your behaviour and actions not just your verbal promises.

5. “Dress like you’ve made something of yourself in this world, even if you haven’t”
First impressions count. And try as hard as you want, people will never notice your supreme intellect before they notice your worn out shoes, it’s just a fact of life. It would be great if we were all judged on our intangible qualities but we aren’t – we’re judged constantly on how we look. So, instead of looking down your nose at the shallower people in this world, work it to your advantage. Lay out your clothes the night before, wake up 10 minutes earlier to fix your hair and makeup. Even if your clothes are just high street pieces, ironing them and making sure they’re free of any lint goes a long way towards making you look better. And hey, if you really want to splurge on designers then be my guest, as long as that makes you happy.

In other news, I finally decided to try out the Mule trend. Some call them slip-on shoes but I refer to them as mules. The design on these ones is what mainly made me buy them. I don't own any shoes with such a design so it was me trying something new. I paired the look with an embroidered shirt - I am kinda loving embroidered shirts as seen in my most recent post here. I think I might own like three similar ones lol. This look is pretty chilled as you can see but I love that its still street style worthy and trendy too. Hope you had a lovely weekend.

Whats your take on the Mules Trend? Do you own a pair?
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Still sticking to a pop of colour, today's look is more of a colour block. I am sure you have noticed that I am not one to shy away from bright clothes. However, one thing I would say is, I choose my bright outfits pretty carefully. Last thing I want is to look like a rainbow. The other thing I consider after picking my pop of colour look is picking the right backdrop.


Stephylately Manchester Fashion Blogger

Technically, we are not yet in summer but it has certainly felt like we are heading there soon recently. Speaking of summer( specifically the period of May-Sep), we are bound to get an influx of carefree summer vacation pics, with people posting envious beach trips and European adventures all over Insta and snapchat. Now lets face it, we all get the pressure of wanting to actually book ourselves some holidays too. Much as we could log in a couple of holidays here and there, most of us will probably spend most of the season at the office and staying local most of the weekends. 

Stephylately Manchester Fashion Blogger


Stephylately is Pairing A Gingham Top with Boyfriend Jeans

With Every New Season comes a new and exciting trends. For Spring Summer it is clear to see that Gingham is the New Black. Literally every babe on Instagram is rocking everything from gingham tops to skirts, even coats. There is something in the print that simply makes it fashionable.

Stephylately is styling gingham for spring


Camel pairs incredibly well with any shade, and the preppy all black look does the work for me . It's a versatile look and can be transformed by simply changing the footwear . I went for a model at fashion week look but I reckon if I swapped the boots for some court heels , it would be fit for office wear. Adding a pair of chuck Taylor's will be more of a preppy casual look.


pinstriped shirt

If your "go to look" is Jeans and a shirt, then one of SS17's biggest trend is the easy way to update your everyday style. You can never go wrong with a pinstriped shirt. Especially on days when you don't really feel like putting too much effort into your outfit. I for one, love shirts that I can simply throw on and get going. With Spring here, there are days when its quite warm with a breeze, therefore a pinstriped shirt would be perfect for such weather because you won't be necessarily cold.


When it comes to handbags I normally play it safe by picking a black one . Mainly because black goes with literally anything. But come on , wouldn't it be nice to have some pop of colour (Farai actually made me think twice about getting bags in different colours other than black ).In as much as I would like that , I think it really depends on what sort of colour handbag it is. Which brings me to my latest edition to my collection. I went for red mainly because its oozes confidence and pizazz. 




Spring is upon us and I love the fact that I get to spruce up my wardrobe. Being of African heritage, I take pride in rocking African print clothing. I am on the hunt for some upcoming African designers to collaborate with so if you have any in mind, kindly let me know. I was lucky enough to have this gorgeous skirt gifted to me some time last year( previous post) from M.A.DKollection. The designer , Ifiok is of Nigerian decent and her designs have a youthful vibrant feel to them. Do check out her ETSY store for a variety of pieces to pick from.


Box Braids Hairstyle

When it comes to my hair, I literally switch up constantly because I easily get bored of the same look and the other reason is simply because I can. I feel my twenties are the years I can explore with different looks . 

Box braids are the quintessential hairstyle for women who need versatility. Famous people like Solange and Keke Palmer have been rocking the look too. It's clear to see that braids are popular in the black community.



Personally I love the fact that braids are low maintenance.I don't have to worry about curling or straightening my hair when I have braids in , I can wear them up or down depending on the look I am going for. I also love bold looks as seen in my choice of curly big hair and boxy braids.

Box braids is a good protective Hairstyle too. I am not a naturalist but I make sure my relaxed hair is healthy so I like to take a break from chemicals and heat . Let your hair breathe mama . A little tip I will share with you is: if you are going to go for this hair style trim your ends just before you get the braids done . I was amazed at the growth of my hair a couple of months after I took my previous braids out . Amazing if you ask me ! 

So if you are not yet convinced that this is the IT LOOK , hope these pictures win you over . I recently got them done so I prefer to wear them down but I will be sharing more looks on the blog . I used  6 packs of expression kenakoline hair to achieve this look.

Ever had box braids Hairstyle ?What type of braids do you go for ?

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I can't believe how fast the weekend went by . One minute I was prepping for fashion week and the next minute poof it's over just like that . 

Anyway, I thought I would share with you all about my trip to London Fashion Week Festival. I had the opportunity of attending one of the trend catwalk shows by Avenue 23, with front row sits . This was a huge thing because I have never been to a live catwalk of such Caliber. 


Situated in central London , the H10 is a perfect spot for someone visiting the city . I had the opportunity of staying at the H10 Waterloo for 2 nights whilst I was there for London Fashion Week festival. 

Highlight of the Hotel

When I travel I tend to look for exquisite places more on the contemporary side. There needs to be something eye catching about it . The highlight of the H10 Waterloo is their sky bar . The view of the London sky line -especially at night - is perfect . In fact we had  a room with the city view facing the landmarks such as the shard . 


Check- in was a breeze and we got complimentary drinks as we got the keys to our room . The staff were really friendly and helpful such that we felt at home instantly. Plus check out time was not till midday. You can't go wrong with that .


Initially we were not happy with the size of the room because it was a little small compared to what we saw online . So when we asked for another room , the staff were willing to offer us other options at no charge. As soon as settled in , I was happy with how comfy the bed was and the decor was clean and elegant. The only thing I would say is, I would have loved a robe and slippers but then again it isn't much of a big deal.

Hotel space /ambiance 

The H10 has a Scandinavian feel to it . I love their choice of decor in the reception area as well as the hallways. Did I mention? They had a mini tv in their lifts, advertising their various hotels across the world . I thought that was quiet different as I have never noticed this sort of advertisement at any other hotel. 

What's your ideal place to stay when you are away from home? What sort of things do you look for when booking a hotel?
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Stephylately | Wearing Boohoo Emeli Collar Coat, boohoo ankle boots and boohoo mum jeans

I must admit, I am freaking tired of winter!!! I went as far as trying to wear over ripped jeans the other day but boy was it cold. I had to wear a pair of tights underneath to stop my skinny self from dying of cold. The things we do for fashion lol. Anyway, I like the detail that I created with the tights underneath. Layering is key and helps one to stay warm and stylish. 



Satin is trending right now and bloggers are finding creative ways to incorporate satin into everyday looks. I decided to make this trend work for me by layering it with a warm sweater underneath and complimented the look with some over the knee boots.



Trying to figure out what to wear in this weather recently has been difficult. Thinking of a top, bottom, shoes and suitable outerwear for your daily ensemble can feel more difficult than waking up at 6.a.m. to go to work .The easiest way to achieve an effortless, amazing look this winter is by simply adding a statement coat. 


Furry Fur pieces are a must have and ladies this is the perfect time to try out all sorts of cosy furry coats with colourful and original styles, so you won't only be cosy when temperatures drop but super stylish too. If you opt to be more daring, a full on multi- coloured faux fur coat makes a serious style statement.


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