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It’s the season to be jolly already and boy is it getting colder by the day. Like seriously, its freezing and raining. To make matters worse we hardly get enough hours of daylight so it’s really hard to take pictures for my blog because I have to go to work most of the time. Anyway, enough of that, so I finally got hold of a good pair of boyfriend jeans. To be honest it took me a while because for some reason me being slender, my legs seemed to appear like twigs in them baggy jeans but I figured it’s because I just didn’t find the right fit. So I am happy with my purchase.

If you want to feel comfortable and relaxed but still look stylist and modern then the boyfriend jeans are a perfect choice for you. I have seen quite a few fashionista’s rock this look and I thought I might as well give it a go. I got mine from H&M and paired it up with a tank top and a crisp white shirt, coat, ankle bootie a hat and red lips for that edgy look. When I purchased them my mum didn’t really understand the concept behind these jeans, to her they just looked too boyish but she was impressed when she actually saw them on me.

Anyway I hope you all have a lovely weekend.  Thanx so much for visiting!!


I was wearing:

H&M Boyfriend Jeans
H&M White Shirt
Primark Scarf
NewLook Chain
ZARA Booties
Fedora- H&M

Ebay Quilted Bag

20 Random Facts About me Tag.

Hiya guys, hope you alright. To my American readers Happy Thanksgiving. Anyway, so this post has been long over due and its about time I did it. I was recently tagged by Maya of Petite & Unique to do the random facts about me. So, I thought it would be a good way for you the readers to get to know me a lil better. Here we go:

1)      I tend to smile most of the time regardless of what’s really going on in my life.
2)     I used to be in a choir group in primary school.
3)     I attended an all-girls school from primary school and went to an all-girls high school. So basically sixth form is the only time I actually sat in a class with guys. Weird… but it’s a story of my life.
4)     I have an unhealthy obsession with shoes, can’t have enough in my wardrobe.
5)     I speak three native languages ( i.e Bemba, Njanja and Lozi), but strangely enough I understand a bit of Shona and a few words in Xulu.
6)     I love smelling good, so I do collect perfumes.
7)     I have never been to America yet but hopefully my prayers will be answered soon.
8)     I do a lot of cleaning when I am upset, it helps me cool down.
9)     I am the shortest among my siblings but I am the oldest.
10)  I love my Afro-beats
11)   My fav apps in my iPhone are Instagram, Bloglovin and Lookbooknu.
12)  I love my alone time from time to time, especially when am home alone. Its relaxing
13)  I only started wearing proper makeup like 3 years ago, before then I was not bothered with such things. In all fairness, YouTube played a huge role in making me want to start wearing makeup.
14)  I suffered from acne in my teenage years and hated looking at myself in the mirror or taking pics.
15)  I hardly ever watch TV without being on my phone, in fact I hardly watch TV.
16)  I can’t swim neither can I ride a bike though I attempted and it was an epic fail.
17)  I am afraid of pressing irons, especially when my siblings chase me around with it in their hands, just to annoy me really.
18)  I am a tad bit obsessed with lingerie.
19)  I am good at badminton, well used to be so to speak, because I cant remember the last time I played it.

20)  I love Mathematics.
That took me a while to think about though but anyway guys thats my 20 random facts and Since I was tagged to do this, I would also like to tag

Joan of Afro-funk
Esther of StyleKrush
Enjoy your weekend.



November wish list

“Always go with your passions. Never ask yourself if it’s realistic or not. “
The other day my mate ant work was telling me about how she has already started , in fact finished doing her Christmas shopping. I was really taken aback because I for one have not even gone as far as buying wrapping paper or cards. But with the way days are flying by I might as well get my groove on. Funny thing is no one in the house asks me what I want them to get me because they say I ask for expensive things lol. Well, I beg to differ.

Anyway, so I decided to share with you guys this lovely collection of things am currently craving this month. The first item being the pointy court shoes in black. I own quiet a lot of black shoes but I would love a pair of black plain pointy courts. The next item is see By Chloe, I love the sweet smell of this fragrance. For those who know me, I love to shop in ZARA and there bags are of good quality, hence why I had to include this burgundy leather bowling bag. I love everything about it.

I have been searching for a good faux fur gillet, at an affordable price and I did manage to get one from eBay like two days ago. I was so excited to get it and it totally looks more expensive than it cost me to be honest. I will definitely share how I style it in my next post. The other item I can’t wait to get my hands on is a pair of boyfriend jeans. At first I thought boyfriend jeans would not suit me because of my slender structure but to be honest, when I tried on the Zara ones, I totally loved the way they looked and fit me. I have seen quiet a few fashionistas on instagram wearing them . So, I can’t wait to get my hands on them too. Last but not the least, I came across this lovely Moschino iPhone 5 quilted case and fell in love with it immediately.

That’s about it really. Hope you are having a lovely week so far. Happy hump day.



Didn't realize the graffiti on the wall though ...

Sweatshirt/PRIMARK, Skirt/SELECT, Purse/DOROTHY PERKINS, Accesorise/ZARA, Booties/ZARA

Besides knitwear, I have taken a great liking to pullovers which will come in handy when it comes to layering in the cold weather. I am a big fan of Kenzo's tiger print sweatshirts but recently after seeing Givenchy's Bambi number, coudn't help but fall in love with it. Of course,its more on the high end price but not to worry because Primark came to the rescue. Yes, Primark has a great alternative to Givenchy's £750 sweatshirt. I gladly purchased it recently and am sure its still in store. I have styled mine up with a high waisted skirt, a belt to accentuate the waistline and a pair of booties. Hope you having a wonderful week so far.


Turban Thursday

Phewwww…….now I can comfortably sit back and enjoy my cup of tea and catch up with blog world. I have been attempting to take these braids out and I finally finished taking them out mainly because they are not looking good anymore and my edges are as crusty as dry bread – Am not exaggerating guys. Anyway, honestly speaking maybe I just got tired of the same hair style.

However, am not sure of what hairstyle to do next to be honest. Already missing the braids though, lol. Well it’s the most hustle free style I can think of. I haven’t relaxed my hair for the past two months and my mum was beginning to think that I am finally going natural. Unfortunately that’s not the case; I just haven’t felt like relaxing it and also trying to give the hair a break from all them chemicals.

For the past few days I have been rocking my turbans and boy have they been so useful in the sense that it’s getting so cold and the turban is not only stylish but it keeps my head warm.
" What more could I ask for? "  
One of my very good friends asked me how I tie my turbans, to be honest its all due to the various YouTube tutorials I watch. That’s the secret and also constant practice. That’s it really. I tend to use scarfs and old wrappers like the tie and die piece shown below. Basically , one can use anything as long as its not so rigid because you don't want to damage your hair underneath. 

Have a Blessed weekend.



Jeans/H&M, T-Shirt/etsy, Loafers/H&M, ToteBag/H&M, Shirt/Primark, Leather Jacket/ZARA
Hope everyone is doing okay. I can't believe its already November though, months are going by so fast and of course its getting colder by the day - Hence, layering has to definitely be a must in order to be warm. Not forgetting the fact that we seem to have shorter days now that clocks have gone an hour back making the days shorter. 

Today's post features one of my favourite shirts this season. Ok, so I have an ever growing obsession with Tartan/Plaid especially shirts and I managed to get a couple of them from Primark - one from the men's section . For those of you who follow me on instagram you probably have already seen me rock this shirt.  It sure proves that I do love it and can't get enough of the plaid shirt I guess. Anyway I was going for a laid back look and so I paired the plaid shirt with a  celine white tee, a leather jacket,  and some loafers. 

Have a Blessed weekend.

"The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish your days away waiting for better ones ahead. Live in the now and make your present relevant. SMILE. " 


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