Dare To Be Different

Many are the times I would say I can never wear that or that’s not my kind of thing, but immediately changing my mind.

If the old adage ‘never say never’ in fashion… why the heck are people always saying never, never and NEVER. They even add in things like ‘not in a million years.’ ‘Wouldn’t be caught dead.’ or ‘ wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.’

Anyway we all do it at some point. So, of late Rihanna has been rocking denim on denim and clearly she always pulls it off. I mean she looks amazing in everything she wears, if only I could have her stylist at my hands hey. A girl can dream I suppose. This particular outfit caught my eye and immediately I wanted to own a denim jumpsuit .

Trends come and go, and I for one do tend to follow certain trends but then again I do bend the rules a bit and decide to dress according to how am feeling. I went a little outside my comfort zone and decided to get myself a denim jumpsuit. It was more like a spontaneous decision if you ask me and once I received it I immediately wanted to return it. But then again I decided to keep it.

I was going to get some lunch and  decided it was the perfect time to unleash the jumpsuit seeing as it was a little windy and not so warm, however the fake sunshine kinda cheered me up. My mum's initial reaction to my outfit was " What are u wearing?" but she further on said I looked different, that's simply because its not something I would normally wear.  

The jumpsuit has a very soft feel to it and its extremely comfy. I paired it with my infamous ZARA sandals (These sandals are all over Instagram, couldn't help but get me a pair of them bad boys ) with a white blazer. By the way the jumpsuit is from Mango but I bought it from ASOS.

Walking On Sunshine

Hope you all had a lovely weekend because I did. Was out and about with my loved ones and basically just enjoying life. However,I left my camera because I was too excited to get started with the day I guess. Anyway I managed to get this shot on my iPhone and it received so many likes on Instagram, Yeah!!! I am looking forward to this week and also hoping all of you reading my blog post have a blessed week. By the way the Maxi skirt is from Asos, very pleased with my purchase got loads of compliments. 


Mint Condition


There is something about pastel colours that make an individual feel so refreshed and happy. I saw these jeans in Zara and I just had to get them. Mint green is definitely one of my favourite pastel colours. Seeing as I was going for lunch I just thought I would pair the mint jeans with some nude heels though I carried some flats in my bag because, unlike other ladies, I can’t stand walking in heels for hours on end. And I carried a leopard print scarf for the chilly evening times whilst I was out. We had some glorious sunshine so I added some sunglasses. Hope you having a lovely Monday ya’ll.

I later decided to switch up the outfit by adding some pink lips and change the accessories. I can be rather indecisive especially when it comes to what am wearing.

Blazer - Next
Tank Top - Dorothy perkins
Heels - Ebay
Bag - Zara
Accessories - New Look

Neon on Grey

sticking my tongue out..cheeky

Neon Yellow Top - Zara UK
Boots - Zara UK
Jeans - Select
Biker Jacket - Zara UK
Bag - Zara

Seeing as it was my day off yesterday, the BF and I decided to go to the cinema to watch Identity thief. Actually we were undecided on what to watch at first because I checked out the trailer for GI Joe Retaliation and it was awesome (well my main reason for liking it is because Channing Tatum is in it basically lol) but at the same time Identity thief looked hilarious so we decided to watch Identity thief instead. If you haven’t yet seen this movie, I would recommend it especially if you just want to have a good laugh. Which reminds me, who else is anxious to watch Fast and Furious VI? Because I am… Agony is it’s still unknown when it’s going to show in cinema. Anyway hopefully it’s soon.

The weather has been behaving itself of late I must say though today it’s back to the grey skies and cold breeze. I wore my leather jacket only because I never trust English weather. Then to brighten up the outfit I wore my neon yellow top and some boots. I went for a  subtle look with the makeup and nude lips, just added a winged eye and some balm on my lips. 
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Fuchsia Heels

Shoes glorious shoes, wonderful shoes!!! (Singing)…Every lady like me who absolutely loves to shop will understand the wonderful feeling we get when we see so many shoes in a shop. It’s like shoe heaven. Anyway my love for shoes, heels in particular, is ever growing strong. My collection is yet to grow though so can’t show u them all. Anyway I got this pair of fuchsia pink heels (New Look) about 2 years ago I think and believe it or not I have never worn them before. Why? Well, It was not love at first sight to be honest. It was on sale on Boxing Day and I got it for £5 yes!!! Bargain init? So I thought why not just get them because I bought them in black too and I seem to have worn the black pair more often than the pink ones. They are comfortable to some extent but can’t go for hours wearing them.

Jeans - Select
Top/dress - Select
Blazer - Next
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