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After days of hoping for a glimpse of sunshine today we were graced with it, though it was still a little nippy, but it made a difference. I was going to wear my sunglasses but I thought its way to early for that...I guess I was just to excited about the sunshine. Having lived in a hot country almost all my life, this is the only time I actually get this excited about it. Anyway I treated my younger sister to some lunch and a bit of shopping. This is what I wore today.

Jeans - Zara
T-shirt- H&M
Leather Jacket - Zara
Pumps - New Look

Chic In The City

Hiya guys ,I might be abusing my leather skater skirt a lil too much now but I just love the fact that I can pair it with different tops to create a whole new look. I got my inspiration to create this look after I created a polyvore. I normally like to shop in my heard and polyvore enables me to put pieces together. I added heeled sandals from Zara because they are on my wish list and am hopping they do go on sale. Then the Office bag from Zara is another item on my wish list. I first saw it on Youtube and to be honest it was not love at first sight. But eventually I fell in love with it.  

 I recreated this look by adding a bow-tie(In love with the androgynous look at the moment and just excite me... weird hey? lol) and red lippy to add a pop of colour. My skater skirt  and denim shirt are both from H&M. Happy Easter to you all and thanx for reading my post. The gold cuffs are from Republic got them on sale £1 each. Cant go wrong with that. Yes, I do love bargains!

I have Ruby Woo on me lips.




Hiya People, HAPPY MONDAY to you all. Even to those who detest Monday mornings. I hope you are all doing well. I had short day at work today and spent the afternoon reading. I stumbled across this on Nikkisho’s blog and decided to tag myself. I made the tag questions more of my own though.

v  Last Drink : Water
v  Last phone call : to my Friend
v  Last song you listened to: No Rent
v  Last time you cried: Last week when my Granddad passed on


Don’t judge me but I love me some Afrobeats, from the likes of Naija music to kwaito and of course Zambian music(Yes, am very patriotic) . I will begin by listing down my top 5 Zambian songs then 5 other songs I listen to often. I mostly have afrobeats on my phone for some reason.

v  Pompi- No Rent
v  Anaka –Judy
v  Kayonawileni – Afunika
v  Dear Wanga – T-Sean
v  Folo Folo – Salma ft OC
v  Alaye
v  The Matter – Wizkid
v  Yes/No remix – Banky W
v  Lengoma – Dj sbu ft Zahara
v  Still – Liquid deep


v  Made new friends: A couple of friends yes
v  Fallen out of love: Yeah, though I must say it was never love in the first place.
v  Laughed until you cried: Yes
v  Met someone who changed you: Not really unless am not aware of it
v  Found out who your true friends were: Yes definitely
v  Found out someone was talking about you: Yes but I aint got time for that
v   How many people on your friend list do you know in real life: On facebook probably 80% of them I actually know on a personal level.


v  The Walking dead
v  Fashion Police
v  Happy Endings
v  Modern Family
v  Mzansi Love: Kasi Style
v  Scandal
v  Wendy Williams Show
v  Shuga
v  Tinsel


v  Eau de parfum or Eau de toilette : Definitely Eau de parfum , Black XS
v  Denim or leggings : Denim
v  Comedy or Chick Flick : Chick flick
v  Braids, weave or Natural Hair : Weave
v  Winter or Spring : Spring
v  Wedges or Heels : Heels


v  Eating: Skittles
v  Already missing : someone
v  I’m about to: Go to bed
v  Listening to: Zambian Music
v  Thinking about: Work tomorrow
v  Waiting for: errrhm no one just in my room.


v  Broken someone’s heart: Yes not deliberately though
v  Turned someone down: Yes, they were not worth my time
v  Been in a fight: Never I can’t fight at all
v  Kissed on the first date: Too shy to do that lol …

Didn't want to make this long and boring but I hope it gave you  a little insight on my personality. I tag my sweet friend Joan, can’t wait to see your response and if u so wish u can make this your own by adding questions that would best suit your preference. Thanx for taking time to read.



“Spring has sprung or maybe shall I rephrase that” because today being the second day of spring it’s been snowing since yesterday. Honestly, I think we skipping seasons here. It hardly snowed during Christmas period when everyone was praying for a white Christmas but unfortunately we getting it in abundance this time around. I am not one to really complain about things I can’t change but damn am more than fed up of this snow.

Anyway am sure everyone has realised that monochrome is one of the trends for 2013 . I really love this trend because many of my shoes and clothes are basically black and a few whites. Black and white are staple colours and u can never go wrong with them regardless of your complexion. Yes there are some colours that I avoid, just because they might be too harsh for me. I saw the striped shirt in H&M and immediately had many ideas on how I would style it. Check this out. 

Got one of my dad's Bowties  

My Polyvore


  • Faux Leather Skater Skirt - H&M
  • Striped Shirt - H&M
  • Shoes - Garage 
  • Accessories - New Look

I wore the same shirt with Black leggings  and some cobalt blue heels I got on sale in ZARA. Definitely hoping to get a few things in the next ZARA sales just anxiously waiting.  I paired this outfit with a black clutch. However, if you would love to add some colour you could pair it with a neon yellow clutch and stick to black heels or sandals.

  • Shoes - Zara
  • leggings - Primark
  • clutch- Primark
  • Gold collar- Ebay

Have a lovely Weekend. 



If you were to ask many people in England, which are the most watched shows tele, many would mention the following:

  •  Eastenders
  •  Hollyoaks
  •  Emmerdale
  •  Downton Abbey
  •  Skins
  •  Gavin and Stacey
  • Sherlock
  • My Family  

The list goes on, some of theme am sure I have never even heard of to be honest. I used to be a huge fan of Britain's got talent and the likes of Dancing on ice but down the line I have lost interest in them. But thank goodness for the internet that allows us to watch a wide variety of interesting shows, series, sitcoms, romantic comedy, movies ...whatever u may call them. I will be honest with you before I moved to the UK, I was fascinated by British comedy shows such as Fawlty towers, Keeping up appearances and of course Mr Bean. I must say, I can still watch Mr Bean for the umpteenth time and still find myself laughing. British comedy is hilarious if you get their sense of humor.

 Regardless of the variety of entertainment on tele, I never find anything to watch. From time to time, I long to watch things more to do with Africa. By this I mean, I love watching African movies, African shows and also listen or watch African news. I do get fed up of the same old news and sometimes just want a breath of fresh air, if you know what I mean. Hence, after searching high and low, I discovered two African channels and one being a Nollywood channel. Am sure am not the only person who enjoys watching Nigerian movies. I have watched so many to the extent that some have become too predictable for my liking. Don't get me wrong, I really admire the Nigerian film industry and do hope that some day my own country, Zambia, would produce movies of the same caliber. Which brings me to what initially made me write this post.  

 Some time last week, a friend of mine sent me a link for the new series that started i think a month ago. Its a Zambian Series called Love Games. At first, I was very skeptical even before I saw it because from what I have watched before(other series from the likes of Kabanana, Banja, play circle ) I didn't expect much. However, as I watched the first series, I was impressed. To start with, the picture quality is superb, crystal clear in HD, then the whole set up, contemporary interior designing, their costumes , all these things made me realize how far we have come as Zambians. It also has a contemporary outlook on how life in Zambia is like and at the same time incorporates our rich culture.  I am hooked on the series which airs every Wednesday evenings at 8pm Zambian time, however, I get to watch it online on Youtube or vimeo. Love Games is a drama series that follows the lives and relationships of five females, who are related either through blood or friendship. Check it and see what you think of it.

Another series that I have grown to love is Mzansi Love: Kasi style. Its not a Zambian series rather a South African series. Its a romantic comedy anthology television series based on Nollybooks novels published by Moky Makura and produced by Fireworx Media which follows the stories of yound and sassy South African women trying to navigate the tricky waters of romance in a modern society. Each episode is a stand alone rom-com and feature a variaty of female protangonists, from an aspiring cheff to a budding journalist and an electric marketing exec. Really worth watching in my opinion. I remember I used to watch quite a number of South African soaps and series whilst I was growing up in Zambia. SABC channels would bring shows such as the infamous Isidingo (which am sure most of you have watched),Generations, Backstage, Soul City, Scandal and many others. Unfortunately I lost track of all these series but luckily enough the African channel on Sky shows Scandal every week. So whilst others are anticipating watching the likes of Eastenders am anxiously waiting to watch Scandal. 



Last but not the least, we go all the way to Kenya. Shuga: Love, Sex, Money is a ground breaking Kenyan show. Its a hard hitting six-part series which delves into the lives, loves and ambitions of a group of cool young students. Their bright lives and fabulous futures teeter on a knife edge due to their appetite for life's dangerous thrills. The drama unfold through interlinking tales as the buzz of Friday nights's love and sex, leave inedible marks on the main players. I hope other Africans in diaspora who share the same homesick feeling from time to time, find solace in such kind of television shows. It makes me feel at home, besides me eating my local delicacies and some Ben & Jerry's Ice-cream. Thank you for stopping by and hope you all have a wonderful week. X



Source of Image

Never been a fan of T-shirts or clothing with printed words on them because am quite particular about what message is displayed on the garment. However, for some reason I came across this GEEK jumper in TKMaxx and fell in love with it. Actually I was inspired by Shirley from MEEKnMILD, whom am sure you all know all have heard of. I purchased this jumper months ago so you might not find it in store. Anyway I felt daring and decided to pair my jumper with a faux leather skater skirt and some ankle boots. I also added a faux fur coat on top for extra warmth. However as soon as I stepped out I changed my mind and decided to dress down seeing as it suddenly became cold and didn’t want to freeze. 

Skirt – H&M
Faux Fur Coat – H&M
Bag – Zara
Boots – Zara
Skinny Jeans – New Look

Thanx for taking time to read my post.

So Close Yet so far

Many are the times we take for granted of those people in our lives. Many of those who we think don’t actually mean a thing to you. In other cases we just don’t realize how much one means to us till they are no more. I choose to believe that one has a decision to appreciate what they have and make the most of it because nothing lasts forever.

The month of March has been full of ups and downs. But then all things happen for a reason and one has to pick up the pieces and move on in life. I lost my granddad a couple of days ago two days before my Mum’s birthday. I had been looking forward to taking my mum out for a meal and having a girly day out with her and my sister. Not until I was informed of the death of my SHIKULU (Granddad). I have been close to my nana and granddad from a tender age and they have been both significant figures in my life. Last year I made myself a promise to go and pay them a visit because something kept telling me to go back home. I did manage to see them and they were both in good health. I am not going to bore u with much details but one of the most memorable thing I will not forget is the blessings he gave me as I left for the UK after my 3 weeks visit to Zambia. He gave me a hug and kissed my palms (Traditional way of blessing someone in my Dad’s Tribe). Last night that particular memory kept playing in my head. I could vividly see his smile…The bond I shared with him is something I underestimated but I know his gone to a better place. M.H.S.R.I.P.

Anyway on a brighter note, I decided to have a new hair style seeing as spring is around the corner. I am a kind of person who normally doesn't experiment much when it comes to what kinda styles I do. At work most of my colleagues are fascinated by how often I change my hair. The thing is I easily get bored of one hairstyle. I like to look different every now and then. But I kind of conform to dark colors and preferably either big hair or long hair will do for me. I have had a short weave before but I felt so naked! Yes Naked! It felt like I was bold. Anyway so I took my box braids out and installed a long weave. What do you think? It’s got some highlights in it as well.   


Mother’s Day

My Mum

Mum posing like me

Mom is a special word, the loveliest I have ever heard. The many times I run to her when am sad, when am happy, when I am weary, when I need her, she is always there. Mother's Day is a celebration honoring mothers and motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March, April or May. In the UK, today March 10th is Mother’s day.

Sometimes I do day dream of being a mum. Not that that is my priority at the moment, I have other important issues to think about but still I think of how it will be in future when I have my own family. In fact I do watch “One born every minute”. This is a documentary about child birth and to be honest I cringe every time I watch it but always watch it whenever it’s on. Weird hey? Lol, but yeah child birth freaks me out even though I know I will go through it someday.

Seeing as its mother’s day I thought I might as well acknowledge my lovely mum. It being a Sunday we all went to church as usual and all the mothers were appreciated and prayed for in church. I also realized how privileged I am to still have my mum in my life. There is no other person who loves n cares about me more than she does. I thank God for her life. I got her a bouquet of flowers and cooked a delicious meal for her seeing as am a little broke at the moment. She loved every bit of her treat.

I hope you all have a lovely week

Dress- H&M
Tights- Primark
Boots- Primark
Blazer- H&M


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